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In Memory of Tanya Nicholls Maude

As a blogger, I’ve shared many stories on heart break, parenting, loss, love and marriage, causes and charities to help spread the word for something I believed in and wanted others to care about. I never imagined I would be writing a post that hits so close to home, asking everyone to PLEASE PLEASE SHARE IT!

A Devoted Mother. A Loving Wife. Wonderful Daughter. Amazing Sister. Good Friend!

I remember the day my brother Shayne told me he was never going to find someone to love or someone to love him. He was in his 30’s, time was moving on, and I told him that when it was time it would happen. That’s when he met Tanya.

It’s amazing how in a year a person’s life can change. Shayne met Tanya, and immediately fell in love. They moved in together, and within that year gave birth to their first son Kylan. Tanya had trouble during her pregnancy. Being a diabetic, she was susceptible to blood clots, but like any good mother, Tanya did what she had to in order to keep both her and baby safe.

After Kylan came, Tanya and Shayne saved up their own money, working hard, bought a house and got married. I had never seen my brother so happy in his life. A new husband. A new father. He felt complete for the first time. Then baby number two was on the way.

Again Tanya had to take precautions during her pregnancy. She was on blood thinners, and had to give herself injections every day. Both Tanya and Shayne had to work hard in order to obtain the medication she needed to help keep her and baby healthy. It isn’t covered by our medical, and costly despite the fact, Tanya and her unborn child needed it in order to survive. They could have used the money for their children instead of having to fight to get it and pay the high costs when it comes down to life or death.

Four weeks ago Tanya and Shayne welcomed their new daughter Adalynn to the world. Adalynn had a bit of rough go. Her blood sugars were too high, but eventually baby and mom came home safe and sound, and Tanya had the family she had always wanted. A loving husband, a home she felt grateful for, family she counted on, and two beautiful children to love.

On April 15th, Tanya woke up and felt dizzy. She felt unwell, and all of a sudden she couldn’t breathe. Shayne called 911. When the ambulance arrived Tanya had collapsed at home in her bedroom. They worked on her for a long time. Tanya was taken to the hospital, she passed away from cardiac arrest, most likely due to a blood clot because of her C-section.


My brother Shayne and his young daughter Adalynn, she will miss her momma so much.

 Tanya left behind a world of people who loved her very much! She will miss out on her daughter and son growing up. My brother feels Tanya got robbed of everything life had to offer, and his heart is broken. 

Tanya was too young to die. She was too young to leave behind her children that needed her, and a husband who now is grieving the love of his life when their lives together had only just begun. Kylan is almost 3, and Adalynn is a month old. Tanya was breastfeeding. She was enjoying her children, and wanted nothing more than to watch them grow. 

I’m angry for her. She got robbed. She wanted so badly to love her children. She was so happy to have a son and daughter. She was so happy that she was beginning to breastfeed. It’s not fair! I hurt because those things were taken from her, taken from our children. I hurt because I miss her. I finally found someone to love me, and now she’s gone… – Shayne Patrick Maude


My brother Shayne is now a single father raising two young children under the age of three. My heart breaks for him every day that passes. I wish more than anything I could bring Tanya back, for her mother that should never have to bury her child. For her sister Carla who lost her very best friend in the whole wide world, and for my brother who wanted so badly to give Tanya everything she dreamed of, and mostly for her young children who will miss their mommy so very much.

Seeing the love my brother had for Tanya, and now the strength he is trying to find to carry on to be strong for his children. It’s gut-wrenching. Tanya was my sister in law and I loved her. She had a spirit that just made you smile. She had a personality that kept you laughing, and she enjoyed so much of what life had to offer. A wonderful mother. An amazing human being. An incredible wife. She was the kind of person you could talk for hours with on the phone about nothing, laugh at silly things, cry over a commercial, and she had a heart of gold!

She was taken too soon!

 Please Help Share, Donate or Spread This Post!

We all know as parents out there how difficult it can be raising children. Shayne is an amazing father, and he is doing what he can to make it through this tragic turn of events in his life, but he needs your help. A fundraising page has been set up for Tanya and Shayne in loving memory of her in order to deal with the costs of her sudden passing, and funeral expenses and all donations will greatly help my brother and his family during this difficult time.


 In Loving Memory of Tanya Nicholls Maude : No more donations are needed thank you! 

We appreciate all the help strangers, loved ones, everyone who ever knew or has heard of Tanya’s story reaching out to share it, share the families needs, and this post. God Bless You!

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