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Ikea Summer Patio Collection


Summer is coming, and you can tell when you enter the stores and sees the swimming pools, swim gear, sun tan lotion, towels, and patio furniture everywhere. It’s super cool and always gets me smiling. One thing I look forward to when summer comes is the colors. Everything is so bright and colorful. Place settings, home decor, patio furnishings and more. And one place I often go to find great deals and wickedly priced furniture is IKEA.

Ikea Summer Collection is Here!

This year woods are in style, which I absolutely love! Stained wood has such a comforting outdoorsy feel to it. You can entertain everyone with different style chairs and benches. The most popular series APPLARO comes in white and brown stains. I can imagine a patio decorated with these amazing pieces. Make your outdoor space for entertaining and showing off your garden pretty and stylish!

Speaking of gardening. Ikea has some amazing products for creating just that. We have a small patio, so gardening in the ground is kinda out of the question with a cement pad only. But you can buy a gardening bench with hooks and shelves, like the Applaro Bench on sale for $129 all wood. Or the Lacko Wall Shelf just $49 (great price) to store what you need. Who says you can’t have plants, herbs and flowers in a small space?

Color is important and so are decorations when it comes to creating a unique outdoor space. Here are some of my most favorite Ikea products to do just that. Whether you are choosing plates and bowls, outdoor lighting, chair pads or creating a floating floor. Ikea has everything you need, and as you can tell. I’m a huge FAN!

What do you look forward to the most about getting ready for summer?

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