How To Set Up A Bullet Journal On A Budget With Avery

I’m sure you guys have heard of a bullet journal. If not keep reading because it’s a pretty cool concept that can help in many facets of your life. I’m coming in late on this bandwagon as I hadn’t heard of a bullet journal until recently while looking for ways to keep myself more organized. Between blogging, bills, the kid, hubby and his stuff, emails, doctor’s appointments and you name it. Being organized was beginning to feel like a full-time job.

I went online in search of how to start a bullet journal and came across a zillion sites on what to buy and what to use. Most of which was utterly expensive. So I sought out a way I could create a bullet journal on a budget, and that’s when I hit up my good friends at Avery because they have an array of products that are not only usable but affordable for any occasion.

The bullet journal (or Bujo) for short was created by Ryder Carroll, a man beloved by so many because of his unique way of organizing data inside a journal that has gone beyond the colors of the rainbow. The best thing about a bullet journal is that you can create what works for you. There are no rules or special ways of doing things, and you start out by creating something simple such as a calendar for the month to more creative pages for tracking water and the food you eat.

A bullet journal allows its creators to become inspired visually while attaining organization needed in their day to day lives. It’s a great way to track anything from the money you spend to the foods you are eating, to the posts you wish to blog about. A bullet journal is a great way to keep you focused and on task.

By using Avery products I was able to save myself a ton of money getting started with my bullet journal. Most bullet journals run around $50 bucks just for the journal itself and although the journal and paper are cool to use what I didn’t like was that each journal was bound. I wanted a system where I could remove my tasks or tracking sheets to pin on my family board, use or put back, along with dividers to make organizing my sections easier.

I started out using an Avery Durable Mini-Binder (size 5.5 x 8.5) size paper. This is almost A5 in size which is the standard bullet journal size and it is perfect because the binder has 3 rings that open and close allowing me to insert sections and tracking sheets where I want. It also comes with 2 outer pockets to slip in your sticky notes, tabs and other journaling supplies.

Inside my journal, I have some rough tracking sheets, washi tape (dollar store), and a few other goodies. As you can see creating my bullet journal with the Avery binder and supplies was super easy and the best part was the cost. I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars getting started.

My absolute favorite to use in my bullet journal are the Avery UltraTabs. These are extra durable, smudge-free tabs where you can write on both sides with most pens and pencils and even highlighters The see-through writable body sticks securely as you saw in my video. It also removes easily without tearing or wrecking anything you are working on. It comes in so many colors (pink, blue, yellow, lime green, red, orange). The UltraTabs are perfect for creating divided spaces inside your bullet journal that you wish to focus on.

So there you have it. Now you can start a bullet journal for less than $50 bucks by going out and picking up some Avery supplies to help get you going. You won’t regret starting a bullet journal. You can journal any way you want and with what you want. I’ll be share more posts on bullet journaling and the supplies I use on a regular basis. Until then…

Happy Writing!