How to reduce Hair Frizz this Summer

Do you battle hair frizz?  Does your hair resemble a treasure troll while basking in the heat?  If yes — know you aren’t alone. Many woman battle frizz or unruly hair, and when moisture strikes it can make the hair that much harder to manage, to stay silky and smooth. But have no fear. Here are ten tips to help you cut the frizz this summer!


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1.)  When you rinse your hair, do not use hot water. Use cool water, especially after you condition.  The cooler the better. This closes the door to your cuticles and will help go a long way to making your hair shine.

2.) Treat your hair gently.  When your hair is damp or even wet, it’s delicate.  It becomes more prone to breakage and damage.  As moms, we rub our kid’s heads when we are towel drying their hair so they don’t get colds. Yeah — DO NOT do that with your own hair. Instead, do a towel wrap and squeeze out any remaining water to prevent the cuticle from opening up and gathering up that frizz it so desperately wants to hold on to.

3.) Good-looking hair begins with great styling products!  OSiS is a product I love!  Two products that come to mind and are new for summer this July are OSiS+Blow & Go.  This 2 in 1 blow-dry sprays reduce drying time while providing your hair with more volume and smoothness.  There are two sprays in this new collection, OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK and  OSiS+ Blow & Go Smooth from Schwarzkopf. So whether you are looking for sleek and luxurious smoothness or great volume. These two magic sprays have you covered.

4.) Speaking of styling, it’s common for us women to use either a curling iron or flat-iron to make our hair magnificent.  Tip: Keep the heat on the highest setting. It helps you get through your hair quicker and you don’t run the risk of running the irons over and over your hair which causes damage.

5.) Change up your Shampoo.  This is very important. Like anything, our bodies grow used to using something, and so does our hair. So make sure you change-up your shampoo at least twice a month. Find a shampoo with great ingredients and avoid alcohol-based shampoos as they tend to dry your hair out.

6.) Mask to shine!  Using a great mask or hair repair solution will help re-build damaged or dry hair, which almost makes it impossible to tame.  There are even some great home remedy for over-processed or frizzy hair.  I used to wash my hair in eggs and beer. I didn’t always smell great but my hair came out clean and shiny.

7.) Pay extra for a great conditioner.  This is important!  You can use a crappy shampoo and your hair will be okay, but the way you condition your hair will show. If your hair is greasy or oily, avoid using tons of conditioner. You should only be using a quarter-sized amount, lather it between your hands, then streak it through your hair from root to ends.

8.) Use great hair utensils.  Yes, what we use to brush our hair or blow dry our hair matters. Find a blow-dryer with high heat and cool effects, something with ionic technology.  Use a brush with a more natural bristle, and brushing your hair from root to end every day does, in fact, keep your hair healthy and shiny in the long run.

No matter what you do to help your hair stay frizzy, remember you can control your curls and locks with simple everyday maintenance, by using great products, not over-processing your hair, rinsing with cool water and using things like a great blow-dryer.

OSiS Blow & Go Tips

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OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH: makes the hair lustrous and smooth as it is blow-dried – for the perfect shiny, sleek look or for luxurious, gentle waves. The innovative formula ensures long-lasting smoothness and incredible shine of the hair surface, as well as perfect frizz and style control. Simply spray into damp hair, blow dry and style as required. 200 ml, $21.00 CAD

How do you control your frizz?

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  1. Salma July 10, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    Some really great tips. I definitely deal with frizz so I will be trying some of them out.


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