How to Prepare for Prom on a Budget

With grad coming in a just few short months, one thing I’ve been doing is research into prom. My son will be graduating in a few years and everyone keeps telling me to save now, as prom can be an expensive time and with a limited budget, planning ahead is vital.  When I asked many friends of teens who had graduated just how much their teen spent on prom, I was blown away by the amount. Most said between $800 to $1100. That was enough for me to choke on the ice in my glass. I have no problem helping my son pay for his prom, however I think it’s also important he earn his own money to foot some of the bill. So here are some ways I’ve discovered can help to prepare for prom while on a budget.

The Dress / The Suit

While it’s all about the dress, your dress should not take up the majority of your budget. Prom dresses are available in a variety of prices, so start shopping early and have a budget in mind on how much you can spend. If there is a particular dress you have your eye on, you know the cost of it and can get it online for cheaper. Try places like JJsHouse, their dresses are beautiful and affordable, sure to catch everyone’s eye.  Try on something similar to make sure it fits your body type and start saving early.  This goes for guys and their suit or tuxedo’s as well. Look for the sales!


While accessories help make the outfit complete, things like shoes, purse, corsage, jewelry, cuff links, special undergarments. Be savvy when shopping. You will have a ton of expenses and don’t want to spend them all on accessorizing. Less can be more. Nobody will care about your shoes, when they are looking at your hair. Borrow some jewelry or accessories if you can to complete the ensemble. Get a friend or someone you know to do your nails and hair within your budget.


Pictures say a thousand words, and you want to make sure for your big prom night you capture nice photos. If you can get together with a group and hire a local photographer to take some professional photos outdoors before the big night. Everyone chips in and you can have one or two great group shops and even get a deal on individuals. For the big night don’t forget your cell phones and cameras to take some “selfies” and above all (hashtag) have fun!

The Ride

This is one of the most expensive parts of prom, whether or not you want to take a limousine to get you to and from prom. Limo’s book early and can run expensive.  Of course the best way is to book a limo together. You can even ask about prom discounts, or party buses and how much they cost. Some kids get their parents together who have nice cars, do them up (like at weddings) and have chaperons take them to and from. The bottom line is this night is about you and your friends and making memories that last. Not what you ride to the prom in.

No matter what you do during prom, remember it’s a night that is to be magical and you can do it on a budget with some help. Set your goals, do some shopping. For the girls we recommend for all your dresses and accessories if shopping online, or local wedding shops for that perfect prom dress to make you shine. For the boys we recommend Moore’s for your suits, they really are the best!

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. I appreciate JJ’s House sharing their beautiful pictures and gowns with us. All opinions are 100% my own and this article represents our own thoughts on the subject. Thanks for reading!