How to keep your pets safe on Halloween

It’s something we don’t always think about. How to keep our pets safe on Halloween. We spend a great deal of time on costumes, decorations, goodies, and treats, but what about our animals?

Halloween can be a stressful time for our furry friends. So here are some tips on how to aid your most lovable pet buddy this pumpkin season.

Keep Your Pets Indoors

Its best practice to keep your pets indoors, especially on Halloween night. Firecrackers, pranksters, and even those looking to harm animals for fun are all dangers to our animals. Plus, with tons of kids trick-or-treating, ringing doorbells and coming close to your home. Keeping your pets inside can help provide them with the safety they need.

Put your pets in another room.

Put your cat or dog in a bedroom or bathroom, someplace they can lay down and relax. Make sure they are comfortable and make sure there are enough treats, toys, food, and water.

Turn on the radio or television as a distraction from all the commotion going on during the festivities outside. And above all, check on them periodically, providing lots of love and support in case your animal has separation anxiety.

Meet your Trick-Or-Treaters Outside

Grab a lawn chair and a blanket and your bowl of candy, sit outside to meet and greet all the little ones dressed in costumes.  This way your doorbell won’t be ringing and you help keep your pets stress level down. This is especially good if you get lots of treaters throughout the night.

Put up a sign you have a dog warning others

Put up a sign warning your candy hoppers you have a dog.  This will warn people and parents of youngsters that a dog is on the premise and should be treated with respect accordingly.

Keep candy and chocolate away from pets

Keep your candy away from your pets.  Candy can make your pet feel sick.  If you want to give your pet some goodies or treats then pick treats suitable for your breed of animal and when they behave after a guest shows up you can reward them for good behavior.

Black Cats Warning!!!

BLACK CATS should be kept indoors 2 days before and 2 days after the holiday of ghouls and goblins.  Many people are superstitious of black cats, and many teens think it’s fun to use them as firecracker bombers.

If you want your pet to remain alive then please (especially a black cat) keep your animal indoors.

What other sorts of precautions do you take with your animals on Halloween?

For more information please visit the SPCA on how to keep your animals safe this Halloween and other great pet information.

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