How to Keep Kids Clothes in Great Shape

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Getting stains out of kids clothing is one of the hardest things to do. As a mom of boys, keeping their clothes clean and free of dirt is like asking an elephant to ignore a handful of peanuts. And don’t even get me started on their growing and needing new clothes to replace old ones. But there are ways to help keep kids clothes in great shape.

Clothing Swap


Clothing swaps are great ways for kids to get new clothes (used by others) but new to your child, while recycling your kids clothes. It’s not only cheaper but socially responsible. It’s a great way for moms to interact as well. 

Tip: Moms when you get together to do a kids swap, why not do one for yourselves. Get together with other moms same height and sizes and share your clothes, things you want to get rid of.

Keep it in the Family

Happy smiling toddler in big basket with clothes

Hand-me-downs are another great way to keep kids clothing circulating. Older siblings can pass on their great wardrobes to their younger siblings. Pack away clothes that are good in boxes for your next set of kids coming along. 

Tip: Wash everything before you put it into storage so it’s clean and fresh OxiClean Foam Pre-treat gets rid of tough stains and even grease. After using it, I love using sealable bags as it stores colors in clothes longer.

Don’t Shy Away From Colors


We use OxiClean HD Laundry Soap because I find it makes my whites truly white and my colors vibrant. I buy them in the paks for two reasons. One paks are easier to use and less waste. Two, my teenage son can do his own laundry without using too much soap. 

Do you have any great tips for re-using old clothes and saving money?


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