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How to Improve Audience Retention When Posting Videos To Your Blog

As a blogger it’s my job to often share vital pieces of information with my readers. This can be in the form of written word, pictures and videos.  I often wonder though, do my readers actually watch the videos I post?  It’s important when sharing videos to capture your audience. So here are some tricks on how to improve audience retention when posting your videos.

Before you begin, keep in mind your aim is to have 40 to 50 percent watching your videos all the way through. If only half the people are clicking and then leaving your videos, you are not reaching your audience. And with social media being what it is, fast paced – on – the – go! Even the most compelling videos won’t keep your audience watching all the way through 100% of the time. 

Many people use free video services like Youtube, Vudu and various other hosting sites. If your audience retention rates on the video you post to free video hosting site ConnectCast are well below the target, you can’t blame all of the viewer loss on people being called away from their computers or technical failure. You have to make sure there is no issue with your video, and you can fix it by addressing these common mistakes. 

 1. Shorten the Introduction

Introductions to videos can be cool: Your logo, a tagline, some snappy music and a few effects will get your audience jazzed about what’s to come, right? Wrong. Research shows that, at most, you have 5 to 15 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. If your intro lasts 20 seconds, then, there’s a good chance that you will lose up to half of your audience before you’ve even gotten to your message. Shorten the intro to five seconds or less, and get to the point. Your audience is more likely to stick around if they don’t feel like you’re wasting their time on graphics.

2. Get the Description Right

Have you ever clicked on a video, expecting one thing, only to find that it’s something completely different? If you notice that most people are clicking away from your video soon after it starts, there’s a good chance it’s because your title, tags and description don’t accurately reflect what the video is actually about.

Use keywords to improve your video’s SEO performance and hone in on title and description. Remember being accurate is important. If you are on the ball your audience will stay and watch. 

3. Improve Sound and Video Quality

Sometimes, your message may be on point, but your video quality is lacking. I hate having to turn up the volume because I can’t hear a video I’m watching, or the sound is tinny or muffled.  I also can’t stand it when resolution is poor, camera is shaky. So imagine what your viewers think if you have these issues. If you are likely to click away, then so are they.

When filming a video remember to think of outside distractions. Are you wearing jewelry that makes noise? Can traffic be heard loudly in the background? Do you need a better microphone or camera?  Your videos do not need to be Hollywood film quality, but they should be clear and well-produced to avoid driving audiences away.

4. Keep It on Point

Again, most people have short attention spans, and they are not willing to listen to someone drone on for 20 minutes or longer without actually saying anything. Before you release your video, review it with a critical eye to determine if there are any places where you get off track, add useless filler materials or veer into redundancy.

You should be reviewing the analytics for your videos, particularly in terms of audience retention, which will reveal the points of your video where you tend to lose viewers. If you notice that viewership drops off around the 30-second mark, for example, determine what is happening at that point. Do you start adding unnecessary material there? Similarly, if you notice that you’re losing your audience when you ask them to engage in some way, you might need to tweak your message to be more appealing. The bottom line? Don’t waste viewers’ time, and they will stay to the end.

5. Don’t Be “Over Interactive”

Annotations, text boxes that include calls to action, links or additional information, can add value to your videos, but they can also drive viewers away. If you’re going to include links in your video, make sure they go to your website or social media pages — not an outside resource. Use annotations sparingly, as they can be distracting and too many will overwhelm viewers and send them elsewhere.

Maintaining your audience is important if you’re going to successfully building your brand or market your product or service via video.  If your numbers are too low, assess whether you’re making any of these mistakes, and make the necessary adjustments to see your viewership increase.

Happy Filming!


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