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How Do You Get Kids To Listen When You Talk?

We have all been there as parents. That moment you speak and all you get back is silence. Trying to get your kids to listen can sometimes make you feel like pulling your hair out. You try different approaches but nothing works, and right now you may feel like giving up. There are answers for you though. Ways to get your kids to listen when you talk so that you don’t slowly go insane. So put away the tears. Roll up your sleeves, and let’s find out how we can Jedi-mind trick our kids into opening up their ears.

We often forget as parents that we were once kids, too. It was a long time ago but if we can remember how we felt when our parents talked to us. Let’s admit it. We didn’t always listen when we were told to. So put yourself in your child’s shoes and start by asking them “how they feel?”

Kids often feel misunderstood, angry and upset. With hormones raging, worries and challenges, being a kid is not always easy. Kids need to learn they have boundaries to help them. But parents also need to be able to relate to their children so they can understand what they are going through.

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Getting kids to listen is like building a tower of blocks. You have to pick and choose your battles. They leave their shoes out. Don’t put away their jackets. Don’t keep their room tidy. The whining and crying are almost enough to give you a headache. However bad it might feet, you have to choose what fights you want to take on. Kids are always stretching their boundaries. Pushing the limits to see how far they can go. So before you react, ask yourself a few questions. “Is this going to hurt my child?” or “Am I calm enough to deal with this right now?” Your answers will give you insight on whether or not you need to take a deep breath before diving into the deep end of the ocean.

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We know they don’t listen. They get lazy. As parents we feel like maids picking up after them which can lead to frustrations. But if you want your kids to listen then you have to enjoy having them. You have to have consequences for both bad and good behavior. You can take away their toys. Ground them from video games. Get angry even. However, if you also must reward them. Give them a choice. Take out the garbage or clean your room. And above all else you can teach them that them that cleaning up can be rewarding and fun.

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Conversations go both ways. So to get your kids to listen when you talk, you must get your kids talking. I know you’re saying to yourself “what?” but as a parent, you need to understand your child wants to feel heard and understood, especially by you. You can open up lines of communication by doing things such as having a family meeting where everyone can share what they are feeling. This teaches kids to talk and listen respectfully, taking turns. Always be honest, too. Kids know when parents are lying to them. And remember above all else, you can deal with getting your kids to listen when you talk if you do it together.

What tips and tricks do you use to get your kids to listen to you?

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