How to Fight “I’m bored!” When You’re at the Pool With The Kids

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It happens to every mom. You’re at the pool enjoying a gorgeous summer day with your kids. Everyone is splashing, laughing, and having a great time. But then you hear it, “I’m bored!” And once one child says it, they all seem to join in.

We’ve all been in this spot. I love being in the water and so do my kids, but regardless, I usually hear, “I’m bored!” at some point during our swim sessions. In years past, I’d simply switch activities. Swim time would end, and we’d be on to the next thing. But this year, I’m determined to do things differently, and here’s why.

Childhood obesity is an epidemic, and it can greatly harm a child’s body during growth. The good news is swimming is an incredibly wonderful physical activity for kids. It’s fun for them and gives them the aerobic and strength-building exercise that helps prevent obesity without being tough on their joints like some land sports.

So, for keeping my kids moving when they’ve tired of pool races and splashing around, I’ve come up with a few non-swimming activities for us to try:

Water Aerobics. When you think water aerobics, you might picture a group of seniors performing exercises in the pool. But a quick search online will pull up some great options for kids. What’s great is that these exercises are just as beneficial for your kids’ bodies as swimming laps. points out that using the drag from performing exercises under water helps boost the amount of energy used.

Yoga. I’m looking forward to trying this with my kids. They’re at that age where they’re really beginning to assert their independence. So, I think doing yoga will make them feel like they’re doing something “grown up.” We’re going to give the following group of exercises a try—Aqua Yoga – 8 Pool Yoga Exercises.

Aqua jogging. My plan is to have my kids and their friends “run” individual races and relays. They’ll enjoy the competition, and it will be a great way for them to build strength. I like it because it helps build muscle mass, which as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes, plays an important role in the “body’s efficient metabolism.” And of course, an efficient metabolism helps prevent obesity.

Shallow-end gymnastics. Run the kids through some in-the-water front flips, back flips, and hand stands. You can even add a competitive element and see who can do the most flips in a row or the longest handstand. My kids had a ton of fun with this last summer, and I got to enjoy a proud mom moment as I watched my daughter patiently teach her brother how to do a back flip. When he finally got it, they were both ecstatic.

My goal is to keep my kids moving as much as possible this summer. I hope that these activities will be a great way to do so while also preventing shouts of “I’m bored!” from spoiling our time at the pool.

Patricia Sarmiento is a huge health nut and fitness buff. She was a high school and college athlete, and she continues to make living an active life a goal for herself and her family. She channels her experience in health and fitness into blogging by writing about health, wellness, and other health-related topics. She and her family live in Maryland.

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  1. Guy Gardener August 11, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    I am surprised your kids got board so fast. With my kids they are like little fish, never wanting to leave. Normally, it’s me trying to force them out of the pool. But hey, if you say it’s such a good activity, then who am I to stop taking them? (not that I was going to stop)


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