How To Get Out Of The Christmas Funk

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The snow is falling. The roads are slippery but manageable. It’s one more day until Christmas and our house is buzzing with excitement. Though I have to say, this past week it didn’t feel so Christmassy here.

I don’t know what it is this year, but everyone is in a foul mood. At the grocery store. The doctor’s office. Waiting in line at the bank. People are just plain grumpy.

A woman yesterday literally yanked on her child’s arm and yelled stop looking at all the toys, tugging her much saddened child behind her in tow as she trekked to get in line at Walmart. The little girl was looking at a doll. Now. Okay. Maybe mom is on a tight budget. We can all relate. But Christmas through the eyes of a child is about looking. It’s about wishing. It’s about wonder. It’s also a time to stop and reflect about all the things we do have, and not the things we don’t.

I know it’s hard for everyone this time of year. Some of us are missing loved ones. Some of us are feeling the cash crunch. But Christmas is about celebrating. So how can you get out of your Christmas crankiness?

Go & Get A Little Silly

Get a little silly. My son and I danced around the house yesterday listening to Christmas music with our Santa hats on, singing at the top of our lungs until we couldn’t stop laughing. Being silly raising your endorphines, as does smiling and laughter. So put on your happy face and get your jingle on all the way!

Try A Little Holiday Baking

Okay. I’m not the best in the kitchen, but even I can unwrap a Pilsbury container and pop some shortbread cookies into the oven. Baking with your kids, whether they are teenagers or little ones, or even a friend or spouse is a great way to kick back and relax during the holidays. And if you feel up to it, share a tin of whatever you’ve made with someone you care about over a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Have Some Fun In The Snow

Hey. If Kermit can play in the snow, then so can you! If it’s snowing where you are, slap on the gear and grab your sled or even some garbage bags and find a big hill to go sledding down. It’s tons of fun, a great work out and helps the body relax and get rid of all that holiday stress you have wrapped up under that parka of yours.

Grab A Friend & Go Caroling

I used to go caroling a lot as a kid and then for some reason, I stopped. Guess I got older and thought it was silly. But this week the kids and I went out and went around our neighborhood and sang Christmas songs. It’s infectious and gets everyone involved. Singing turns frowns upside down. Plus it was super fun to get outside and do something to make other people smile.

Give of Yourself To Another

Another great way to get out of your holiday funk is to do something nice for someone else. This past week aside from the Bahumbugs I’ve encountered. I have also encountered the spirit of giving and selflessness. People paying it forward buying each other coffee. A man wrapping a homeless man in a warm jacket he bought ten minutes prior at Sport Check. A group of people handing out cups of warm tea and biscuits they made. Do something. Why? Because it feels darn good!

No matter what mood you are in, remember you aren’t alone. You are never alone. Someone always has it worse off than you. And even if times seem rough. Ask for a helping hand. Seek some counseling or guidance from a friend. Spend time with the people you love, and remember Christmas and this feeling we all get, not the commercially driven buy it now feeling, but the real feeling and spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to just last for one day. You can give of yourself and enjoy your life every single day.

What sorts of things do you suggest or do to get yourself out of the Christmas funk? Share your comments below. I’d love to hear them. And thanks for sharing this post! 

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