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How To Download Your Facebook Data?

I have been a part of FB since it became popular. I’ve shared recipes, cards, status updates, photos of my kids and family adventures, funny wall posts all of which made me laugh and cry. Like a journal FB has chronologically captured random moments of my life to which I’m grateful for because frankly as you get older, you tend to forget a lot of stuff!

Well what if I told you now you don’t have to forget anything. In fact you can keep everything you have every put on FB on your own computer. That’s right! Every photo you’ve ever posted to your timeline, your status updates and more can be downloaded for you to keep.

I got to thinking what a great thing this would be for someone like my brother who recently lost his wife suddenly leaving him widowed with 2 young children. He writes to her on her wall. They have shared pics of themselves and the kids. To think he could download everything to scrapbook or keep for his children and himself to reflect on is a pretty amazing gift. 

So just how do you download your FB?  I’m going to show you how easy it is. Just two simple steps.


Step 1. Go to your FB homepage ( the one with your newsfeed) and in the upper right hand corner there is an arrow far right. It’s the last icon on the page. Click the arrow and scroll down to where you see Settings. The pic above shows you how.


Step 2. Once in settings look to the bottom of the page and you will see (Download a copy) of your Facebook data. Click on the link and that’s it.

FB sends a zip file to your email account and you simple unzip and there you go. You now have everything you put on your timeline. Pretty easy eh?


Now I will tell you when you open the files it’s not quite what you assume it will look like. FB makes it easy and combines everything into dates and HTML pages. So for instance opening messages. Above is a snapshot of my FB messages in HTML format. Every message ever sent from FB privately is listed in this file. It’s easy to read and follow.


The same goes for your wall. Scroll to the bottom to read your very first post. You can also read other people’s comments by name only. No pics as shown on your actual timeline, but hey who needs that? It’s cool to have and store the messages you’ve put up. 

Remember Pokes?


Oh the good ole days. What was the point of the poke again? Well never mind. Even your pokes is stored in a HTML file for you to ROTFLOL if you want. Man we sure knew how to waste precious time didn’t we constantly poking one another for no reason. LOL.

Important Please Read!!!


Now inside the wonderful files FB gives you there are a few files you should delete off your computer right away. One is your profile and the other is your contact info. You should delete these. They contain information only those you friended can see, such as your name, phone, address, private information, family members, aliases, likes, pages you visit. So yeah go ahead and junk it!

You should also junk your security folder. It contains every instance you logged into your account. It also contains the IP addresses you logged in from. You might not want that on your laptop for someone to get at. 

All in all though downloading your Facebook data is pretty cool. Videos open in Windows media player. Photos can be seen easily. Messages, Pokes, Status updates and more. So now you know how to do it. The only thing that concerns me is that if I can do it, so can someone else hacking into my FB account. Yah not sure why they would want to see pics of my salad I ate for dinner, but you never know!


When you open the first HTML file on the left hand side are clickable links. You don’t have to open each file individually. Just click on wall, statuses, pokes and what not and your computer will jump to that file.

So what do you think about being able to download your FB data? Good or Bad?

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