You hear about Global Warming all the time. How we are eroding our planet with too many fossil fuels, junk ending up in our wastelands, and how due to the electronic age, energy resources are slowly depleting.

So when our thirteen-year-old son brought up the topic of green living using sustainable energy and how our family can contribute, we took a serious look at how we can eliminate our carbon footprint on the world. 

1.2 billion people worldwide don’t have electricity. No power to run hospitals, cook food, keep their water clean. But even if we could provide electricity to these people, is more electricity the solution?

Fear grows as we continue to ignore what we are doing to the environment, which is why people like Douglas Healy are sharing their thoughts on how using sustainable energy such as wind or solar power is the right path to take when it comes to aiding people in need and protecting our planet.

My husband and I live in an apartment. How can we create and use sustainable energy? I mean it’s not like I can slap on some solar panels to the roof of my place. You might be surprised to know that there is a way you can cut back on the resources you use daily to create a more sustainable living environment, one that does not create more energy usage and replace it with something more renewable.

Living green isn’t as hard as you think it might be. I was kinda shocked there are things I was doing that were putting my planet in harm’s way, simple things we can all do. There are ways to keep our appliances energy efficient, cut back on the cost of electricity, keeping our heat from fluctuating, and even something as simple as changing the light bulbs we use can help create sustainable energy while living in an apartment.

Easy tips for you to try to create more sustainable energy

  • Use battery-operated or solar operated charging ports to charge your electronic devices
  • Throwing a dry towel in the dryer cuts back on drying time and energy output.
  • Using wind-up camping lanterns as lighting sources instead of plug-in lamps.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water during non-peak hours 6-8 am and 8-11 pm less utility consumption.
  • Making sure windows and doors are weather efficient cuts back on heating costs and usage.
  • Using soy candles which are petroleum-free and better for the environment.
  • Remove yourself from mailing lists to cut back on paper creation and tree cutting.
  • Buy a filtered water system instead of bottled water which ends up in our landfills.
  • Start composting your food scraps to use in your garden to grow your own vegetables.
  • Stop killing bees and butterflies they are much needed for our environment.
  • Cut back on electronic use.
  • Bike or walk to work instead of using your vehicle, or cut back on the number of vehicles you own.
  • Turn off your baseboard heaters at your power box and use a wood-burning fireplace if you can.

Saving the environment for our future generations is vastly important. Every step we take toward using sustainable energy resources is a step in the right direction. There are so many things we can do to eliminate the energy we use such as setting up a drying rack in your bedroom to hang damp clothing instead of using a humidifier.

Earth is the only home we have, so isn’t it important for us to protect it? Living green doesn’t have to mean giving up all the things you love using. It just means being more conscientious towards saving energy and creating a more sustainable environment for both ourselves and our children to live in.

What do you do to help create sustainable energy in your home?

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