How to choose the right watch for women

Choosing the right gift, any gift for a woman can be a somewhat stressful experience. Women can be very picky and choosy when it comes to gifts, especially gifts they are going to be wearing.  So how about a watch?  Would you know how to choose the right one?  Is there really a difference between them?  There is, in fact, a difference.  A difference in weight, size, shape, materials used and more.

How you can choose the right watch for a woman.

Get the right casing — Choosing the right casing is important because it’s the main style and look of the watch. Ladies watches have three styles. Round (popular) which is soft and feminine looking because of how it looks and fits on the wrist.  Square, which is a bit masculine looking but still nice (think more sport style watches), and finally Rectangular shape, which is very retro looking but also highly fashionable.

The right strap means everything! — Getting the right watch strap for a lady is highly important. The coinciding with the right casing is how the watch will not only look but feel while wearing it.  There’s a wide selection of straps available for ladies watches. Everything from delicate with crystals, leather for more band wearing, bracelet for chic and evenings out and even strapless (pendant style) think rings or necklaces.

Added touches provide elegance and style — Many women’s watches come with elegant add-ons such as diamonds surrounding the casing. Some are waterproof. Some provide time for different countries. Some have a compass if she’s a rugged and outdoorsy kinda gal. Choosing the right touch for your woman depends on how she feels and how she’s active in her life and what makes her happy.

The right watch for the right Occasion — A watch isn’t something we wear every day. Not anymore. With cell phones and tablets providing the ability to tell us the time, you have to think about what occasion you are buying your lady her watch. Is she a runner? So a sports watch with a step counter and timer built in might be a good choice. Does she want a watch for evenings out? Then a square watch with diamonds encrusted on it may be a great elegant approach.

So Many Designs To Choose From

No matter what watch you choose for your lady, I’m sure you’ll be happy. Just remember if it’s a gift from the heart, for the right occasion, something you know she needs based on everyday day lifestyle. She’s sure to love it.

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