How LEGO Can Help Kids With Mobility Issues

One thing about being a special needs mom is I’m always on the lookout for toys that can help improve my son’s mobility. Anything using his hands or fingers is important to help strengthen and increase the circulatory movement giving him the ability to use his in a more effective way.

Simple tasks can sometimes be daunting. Things like holding a pencil, a glass, pushing cars around on the floor. Or trying to do up the buttons on his coat, or tie his own shoes. That’s why I love LEGO because it helps kids with mobility issues.

LEGO has been around for a very long time. My brothers and I played with it when we were kids. Building houses and farms, cars and space vehicles.

Playing with LEGO not only improved our mobility but it gave us a chance to use our imaginations to take us to faraway lands we could create with a just few colored bricks.

The benefits of LEGO for kids with special needs.

  • Can improve speech during play
  • Kids watch less television
  • Creates an imaginative environment
  • Introduces primary colors to children
  • Increases social skills & sharing ability
  • Helps to improve hand eye coordination
  • Helps use the brain for structure and building
  • Helps kids think outside the box

When kids play with blocks like LEGO the possibilities are endless. The improvement for mobility issues are huge. Along with the many benefits that can help a child grow both physically and emotionally, helping kids play with confidence.

These are rewards that can last a lifetime!

Some fun games you can play using LEGO

1.) Pick up the colors – teach kids their primary colors by asking them to pick up the LEGOS  in each color category ie: red, then blue, then green and so on

2.) Count the blocks – have kids count each block as they put them away in a bucket. This teaches number ordering and counting in a fun and productive way.

3.) Build a Tower – Kids love to build, so have them build a huge tower or LEGO. If you have more than one child playing, have each child add a piece to the tower without it falling over. Although watching the tower fall is fun!

4.) Patterns – they are fun to learn and do. Have the child put two green blocks together, then two red, then two blue and so on and so forth. This teaches pattern recognition which is important for a child’s educational development.

Kids no matter what age they are love to build things. The sense of accomplishment they gain from putting pieces together to create something special is truly wonderful. Boredom is erased and replaced with imagination geared toward playing creatively while having fun!

When playing with your kids and using LEGO remember it’s more than just a toy. It’s a chance to allow your child to grow, expand, learn and improve, and allow their imaginations to take you on a ride.

Have you ever played LEGO with your kids?

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