How Lego can help bridge the gap between fathers and their children

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Father’s day is coming, and this year I cannot wait to celebrate the day with my own father, along with my husband and sons. It’s a big deal and a special day. One that I don’t think we turn enough attention to, other than to suggest a tee-shirt or that wild and crazy tie you just know dad is going to stick in the closet and never wear. We often talk about mother’s and their role in the family dynamic, but what about dads?

My husband was so proud when we had our boys, and he tried very hard to connect with them. It’s not always easy for dads to communicate their feelings, especially to their sons. That’s why I love that Lego was always something I could count on to help bridge the gap between them.

How Lego can help fathers and sons connect to one another.

When my brothers were growing up, Lego was something that was more than just pieces mom stepped on while collecting the laundry. It was a way for my father to connect with his sons by building far away places with imaginative stories being told through the art of play.

One of the largest (gifts) given worldwide, Lego has spanned generations with their adventure play-sets. Lego has everything from Star Wars to Guardians of the Galaxy to Paw Patrol. There is always something for everyone.

Lego is a great tool to help kids of all ages and genders with their gross and fine motor skills through building and using their hands. It also helps kids aim to think outside the box as they aim to bring their own creations to life.

Town Square looks like so much Lego fun!

Our top 5 Lego Playset Picks of 2019!

Lego play-sets come with everything you need to get started. With easy to follow directions for dad and a slew of interchangeable pieces. The sky is the limit for what you can create.

Don’t believe me?

Check out our top picks for Lego playsets for 2019, and you will see a pattern of popularity on the rise linking Lego to collectible items, movies and entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Playing with Lego not only are you opening doors to creativity within your child, but you are teaching your children fundamental principals that will go on to help them in life such as:

  • Engineering & construction.
  • The use of quiet time for thinking.
  • The ability to follow directions.
  • How to pretend play & always have fun.
  • Color sorting and number learning.

So, dads, you may think that putting Lego together is a daunting task, but don’t think that way. Believe you are creating a bond along with memories with your children that will last a lifetime.


See how great Lego can be?

Moms, this father’s day make sure you add Lego to the list of gifts to get dad so he can enjoy spending time with his children. Lego even has play-sets for girls. Not everything is about boys. Help dad creating lasting relationships with his sons and daughters that includes hours of laughter, fun and play, because that is what it is all about. Isn’t it?

Happy Father’s Day!

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