How To Help Kids With Special Needs Fit In At School

This past week at our house has been a huge merry-go-round. The week started off with our youngest son not wanting to go to school.  Not only that but the melt-downs and tantrums suddenly seemed to be getting worse. In fact, his principal had to practically drag him from our van in order to get him to come to her office to paint, just to calm him down.

There are days when I feel like my son hears me, he’s listening.  He is understanding that I’m not the enemy. And, then there are days when I might as well wear devil horns and spit fire — because to him I am Lucifer!

On Wednesday we took Trace in to go to class and he would not go in. His teacher wasn’t much help. I feel as though she just doesn’t understand him.  Actually, I feel she doesn’t care, which isn’t really fair to her since we’ve not been able to sit down and discuss our family dynamic, let alone Trace’s issues.

But still, it’s hard to watch your child kick and scream and beg you not to leave them when at one point they were confident and off playing, not even taking a moment to wave a goodbye.

Having a child with bipolar disorder and sensory disorder is like watching a roller coaster from the backseat. You know the big hill is coming and you know your stomach is going to lurch the moment you descend down from the top.  Yet you can do nothing but hold on tight and pray to God you make it to the end of the ride!

Since we couldn’t get Trace to go to class. The secretary (GOD I LOVE HER) called Mrs. LePaige who works with special needs kids like our son at his school.  She took Trace to the angry room.  I need one of those – let me tell you.

For the next two days, Trace played for five minutes in either the ball pit or on the trampoline in the angry room before class, letting off his excessive energy and then headed off to class without a fuss.

Now finally adjusting (hopefully) so far so good, Trace is still struggling with the sensory issues. Loud noise in the classroom. Too many kids talking and playing loud. He covers his ears when it gets to be too much, but he’s learning to cope with these things.

I pray the rest of the year goes better than the past month has and my son can learn to fit in. I want him to find his place at school. To enjoy his work and learn to release his anger and frustrations in a more sensitive and productive way.

I’m also grateful that his school understands the importance of working with the parents of a child with special needs and not against them.

Tomorrow is Friday and I can safely say — I’m so darn glad this week over!

xoxo – Jodi


  1. Shannon September 28, 2012 at 10:03 am

    Hopefully Monday will bring a fresh outlook! Growing up we had an angry room of sorts… we called it the quiet room. It was where we went to chill.

  2. Insane Mamacita September 28, 2012 at 2:44 am

    I hope things start to get a bit easier for you guys and your son.

  3. ashley picco (mamawe September 27, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Jodi – I hope he adjusts to it soon and is able to cope. How difficult on all of you…hopefully the teacher comes around as she gets to know him

  4. Kelly @ City Mom September 27, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Oh gosh Jodi…this sounds tough and heart-wrenching…I hope things continue to progress for you guys. The beginning of the year is always a tough adjustment!


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