If there is one thing I absolutely love it’s finding old pieces of furniture I can refinish, redo, upcycle, or change to add my own unique flair and style.

A few months ago we went through some financial hardships when the government decided to take away my husband’s disability after allowing us to keep it. A whopping $1050 came out of our budget, hitting us hard. We had to sell my beautiful dining table which I had custom made for me after saving all my pennies.

We got rid of our farmhouse hutch which I loved, along with our sofa, some important knickknacks and a few other things just to help us get by. We did get back on track, or at least on our way there. Thank God!

So this time around while looking for a replacement dining table because I was sick of Trace eating at the counter or in his room, I decided to go back in time.

I looked on Craigslist but found nothing appealing. I searched FB Marketplace but everything was a tad too expensive for my liking. I knew I wanted something old. Something I could breathe life into.

That’s when my mom found me an old oak farmhouse table with drop leaves on each side and two extendable leaves and six old spindle chairs. It was perfect! Best part, it only cost $5 bucks on bidding wars. A real steal. I couldn’t wait to transform it. 

But into what? That was the question. 

rustoleum chalk paint

That’s when I found and fell in love with Rustoleum Chalked Paint.

Now, I have used chalk paint before. Annie Sloan. CC Caldwell. In fact, I did several tutorials, including one IKEA hack using CC Caldwell chalk paint. But nothing is like using Rustoleum’s chalked paint

I picked myself up some Country Gray & Linen White because I decided what I wanted was a weathered faux look for the top of my table to give it that old and farmhouse feel.

I started off by painting the top of the table with the country gray chalk paint. What I do love about chalk paint is that no sanding is required. The table and chairs were in great condition but had some dings and scratches on the top. I did sand those down with 80 grit paper (just a rough) sand.

diy farmhouse table
This is after a few coats of Rustoleum chalked paint mixed with white and stain.

I painted the table legs with the linen white chalk paint from Rustoleum. The chalk paint went on super easy. One can was enough to cover the table legs, the base of my brand new hutch makeover (post coming soon) the tabletop and four of the six spindled chairs. That’s a lot of coverage for a small can.

→ Tip: I got the paint on sale at Canadian Tire for $24 bucks a can. It usually runs $28 plus tax. Still worth it in my mind.

Once the top of the table was painted with the country gray, I did two things next. I used one brush dipped in water and white chalk paint to brush long white strokes of paint on top of the gray, and another brush dipped in Rustoleum Maple stain which I lightly brushed over top of the white. Then I used a damp (very lightly damp) rag and ran it along the table top to lightly blend the colors together.

When you refinish the top of any table make sure you add the leaves in. Here is the table completely finished with the leaves done as well. Some people do the leaves separate but you end up not getting a uniformed look. 

I love how the table came out. It’s rustic and farmhouse looking. I love drop-leaf tables because they remind me of my Nana’s kitchen table when I was a kid. Old spindled legs. Extra leaves added for when your dinner party goes from four to ten. And for the price I paid (only five bucks) well crap! 

After the table was finished and dry which with chalk paint doesn’t take very long, I added thin coats of clear varathane to seal it.

Now some people don’t like using varathane on white paint or chalk paint because it can tinge it yellow. That’s why I only varathaned the table top because of course we will be eating at it, and I didn’t want any scratches or dings. But I left the table legs distressed without any coating to give the table that rustic old feel. 

I did the same thing to the chairs. All four of them are weathered and distressed and old looking which is exactly what I was going for, and just in time for the holidays. I’m quite happy with how the chairs turned out. I also varathaned the chairs with light coats of clear stain to give them some protection as the boys like to bang the chairs around. 

diy farmhouse table
Just in time for the holidays

I am absolutely thrilled with how my dining table turned out. We live in a very small apartment. Having a table that can seat four on a regular basis but convert to seating eight to ten if we need is a huge bonus. And the whole project cost me less than $80 bucks and that includes the cost of the table. 

Rustoleum Chalk Paint is something I will definitely use again. I wasn’t paid to promote the brand nor was I compensated. I just really fell in love with using the product and wanted to share it with you guys.

You can pick up a variety of Rustoleum Chalk Paint colors at Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Rono. Home Depot has a wider variety of colors to choose from such as soft yellow, light baby blue, dark charcoal, weathered gray and more. 

Happy DIY! 

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