Finding the right school can make a difference to a child’s life!

It was just over two months ago now that I wrote a post about my 8 yr old son not wanting to go to school.  The battles we have had this year have been horrible, especially for Trace. Watching your child become depressed, angry, upset and begging to stay home because he is feeling bullied, like nobody cares and would rather give up grade 2 than learn and have fun with friends. It was heart breaking really.

After we pulled Trace from his old school, hubby and I went down to another school that has a long waiting list. I was nervous meeting the principal, as I sat in her office with tears running down my cheeks, explaining to her all my wants and needs for my son to have a great education, but more-so, to feel connected, loved and taken care of while he’s away from home. It was very difficult.

I am happy to report Trace was accepted to a fine art school, and although (in the wake) of the strike going on and interruptions to his daily routine. He’s a completely different child!  It’s funny how finding the right school can make a difference to a child’s life.

The first two weeks Trace was at his new school we noticed an immediate difference. The school had been gearing up for a big performance of Peter Pan at our local Art Center. I was completely amazed at how much time and effort went into this production. Trace’s teacher said she was so thrilled that Trace picked up the dance number so quickly, all the lyrics and more before opening night. 

I stood back stage, watching as the kids all got ready. It was the grade two’s turn to go. And then I watched as my son skipped out onto the stage, confidence raging high, as he danced with his partner to Crocodile rock, swinging his tail, smiling, sliding on the floor and doing all the moves he’d learned in the short two weeks since he’d started at this new school. It’s was incredible!  I was so proud of him. 

Trace doing Peter Pan

Each day Trace gets up happy to go to his class. His new friends have welcomed him with open arms, as has the teaching staff and other parents. I sat in tears on the phone when one TA called me at home. They were going over my son’s medical file, reading his diagnosis from Sunny Hill:

  • early onset bipolar disorder
  • sensory disorder
  • highly intelligent processing 98% above children his own age
  • Unable to process emotion 98% below children his own age
  • ADHD – learning disorder and anxiety disorder
  • Mild Cerebral Palsy – spastic on the right side

Yes my son’s plate is full. I told the TA he was diagnosed at six years old, but had gone through multiple therapies since birth. She then asked me why he had no designation? No help in the classroom? I explained I didn’t know. It was the school that was supposed to help with that. And she informed me that was exactly what they were going to do. 

Disabilities aside, Trace is flourishing. He is learning in class. His teacher said he’s getting all his work done. He is listening intently and she doesn’t find it difficult to steer him back on trace as he just loves doing music, art, drama and dance, mixed with science, socials, math and english.

As a mom I’m happy Trace has finally found a home for the next three years where school can make a difference. Where he doesn’t feel bullied, and he can be accepted and be himself. Now if only the teachers and government can work out their issues and get back to the classroom. This momma would be thrilled! 




  1. Tasha June 9, 2014 at 9:08 am

    YAY! So happy to hear that Trace is doing better. He looks much happier! Wishing him the best at his new school. πŸ˜‰

    1. Jodi - Site Author June 9, 2014 at 9:27 am

      Thanks Tash! πŸ™‚ He is so happy.

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