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Why The House of Cards is Worth Watching on Netflix

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I love television that has conspiracy theories involved. I always have. So when it came time to watch House of Cards, I was hooked. I’ve been binge watching, I admit it. Every morning hubby takes the kids to school and then he makes me breakfast and we sit in bed and binge watch House of Cards – starring two of my absolute favorite Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. 

What is House of Cards You Ask: Here is the Rundown 

  • American Political Drama
  • Adaption of BBC mini-series based on a novel by Michael Dobbs, great writer!
  • Set in Washington (of course) 
  • Story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) a Democrat from Carolina
  • Frank wants his goodies in a higher box of power. And after being turned down for Secretary of the State, he sets out with help from his wife Claire (Robin Wright) to get where he wants to go! 


The first season we watched in four and half days. I could not stop watching, but of course we had to because kids come home and life resumes to normal, breaking our morning binge date. Thank Goodness there are five days in a school week! 

The second season heated things up for us, and my eyes became glued. I couldn’t wait for our mornings together. House of Cards is riveting! I don’t particularly like political shows, but love conspiracies. This show centers on Frank (Spacey) who is ruthless, pragmatic and manipulative in ways you can’t help but love, hate and root for. 

Alert Spoiler for Season 2. If you haven’t watched turn back now! 

Okay so as you can see this show just keeps it’s hooks in you. Season 3 has started already, I’m just begining it and can’t wait to see where Frank takes things. I love how Spacey’s character talks to us, and I feel almost as if he’s actually speaking to me. I find myself yelling, crying, holding my breath with each episode that feels more like a wild ride.

Oh did I mention this is an original series by the wonderful folks at Netflix.



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