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Netflix Shares Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Hard to believe, but Halloween is right around the corner. My son hasn’t decided this  year what he wants to go as. It’s a toss between a superhero and a disco zombie. Either way, he’s sure to have a great time. 

One of our favorite things about Halloween as a family aside from the pumpkin carving, are the costumes. We love looking at how creative everyone gets t his time of year. From store bought costumes that rock this world, to homemade costumes that will blow  your mind. We love to look at them. 




I love this adorable costume. This little boy is about 4 years old. This one screams so much fun. Made of mainly recycling materials. Instructables has the info here


Bag of Groceries


I remember my mom making one similar to this only it was a bag of garbage for my brother when I was growing up. I love this uses cardboard and mainly eco-friendly products to make it with. Costume Works shows you more.




For those underwater lovers in your house, this costume is super fun and easy to make if you’ve got pieces of cardboard and strips of material. Instructables shows you how to make this super cool jellyfish that will make the creative point land on target.


Boxed Barbie


For those little princesses of yours, this costume looks easy to make with just some cardboard, paint and printable logos and glue. Then your little one can dress as whatever Barbie is their favorite. 


Set of Laundry


If you have more than one child, this idea rocks the block. Using cardboard and your imagination you can turn your kids into what we as parents deal with each and every day. Washer/Dryer and a Basket of laundry. 


Coolest 80’s Workout Costume 


From coolest homemade costumes, this one is adorable. Made from at home materials you can turn your little girls into 80’s work out queens. 


Pee Wee Herman 


Shared on Netflix from Simply Real Moms this costume is incredible. It’s so utterly adorable and so easy to make for your toddler or little one. 


No Sew Care Bears Costume


The Care Bears are back on Netflix. So of course our friends are sharing this adorable no-sew costume that is so easy to make you won’t believe it. Check out how to do this one up from Carrie Elle. 

Speaking of Netflix. There are a ton of TV shows and movies to watch this month in October. If you follow my Pinterest Board you’ll be sure to find what you need.



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