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Most Adorable Holiday Christmas Village From Lemax

I love stuff for the home, especially during the holidays. I especially love collecting things. We just moved into our new home a month ago and I so wished to Santa for some new home decor that was fit for the festive season. I wanted something I could showcase, and something that I could collect through the years to maybe pass down to the boys when they get older. I was so pleasantly surprised when I ventured online to London Drugs Home & Lifestyle section in search of seasonal items and came across the Lemax Christmas Village.

Everything was packaged so nicely

London Drugs offers free in-store pickup and shipping to your door for orders over $200. They have NEW delivery tonight, same day delivery (restrictions apply).  I had these items shipped to my door which was so great, and I couldn’t wait to open them! I always wanted a Christmas Village. I was like a big kid ripping into these boxes. 

Reusable Velcro Straps!

Okay I have to mention this. One thing I hate about stuff wrapped in styrofoam in boxes is it’s always hard to slide the styrofoam out. Not in this case!  I am so impressed with Lemax. Each of their items wrapped in styrofoam came with a reusable velcro strap, making it super easy to pull the items out of the box and repackage them to put away for next year. 

Outdoor Hockey rink

I ordered various items to create my Christmas Village. The first on my list was the Lemax Holiday Hockey Set $29.99 (10 dollars off) this holiday season. Being I’m from Canada and my boys play hockey, I of course had to have a backyard pond. Add some batteries to it and the little boys skate around the pond, while mom and daughter look on from the bench. 

The Christmas tree has real little bulbs on it!

I also ordered a Christmas tree  $4.49 to go with my Santa figurine and the William’s house $33.74 (also on sale). I love the house because the way the bulb is set up it lights up every window throughout the home. The attention to detail on the figurines and houses is incredible. Lemax does such a great job. These are not overly expensive but made very well and will last years to come.

Christmas Decor Shop and little girl kissing snowman is so cute!

Next on my list was Lemax Christmas Decor Shop $29.99. It’s so utterly cute. The Christmas tree in the window is one of my favorite things to look at when the house is lit up.  Next was the little Lemax Snow Sweetheart figurine. She was only $2.99 such a great price!  I also picked up Lemax Father Christmas with two kids running to hug him for $5.99.

I love the signs showing the different kinds of trees and the pricing.

No Village would be complete without the St. Nichola’s Tree Lot $26.24.  This is by far my favorite piece in my collection. The details is so whimsical and makes me feel like Christmas is here no matter where I am or what the weather is like outside. I look at it and I feel like the holidays are cheerful!

London Drugs has it all!

Here is my little village all set up!

From seasonal decor to Lemax figurines, to photo gifts and wrapping paper. London Drugs has everything you need for the holidays. They are a major carrier of Lemax Villages and Decor. Some are only available for in-store pick up. I have a few on my wish list for hubby to get me. Like the Lemax Holiday Homecoming Village $52.00 which is perfect, boys having a snowball fight and decorations everywhere. It’s simply beautiful.  And the Lemax Snowy Dry Tree that really lights up for $8.99.

No matter what you are looking for you can find it at London Drugs. Their prices are great, especially during the holiday season. I know for years to come I will enjoy my Village, pulling it out and lighting it up. I can’t wait to collect more pieces.

You can view more pieces from Lemax in our holiday gift guide. And visit your nearest London Drugs to pick up your seasonal Home and Decor items today! 


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