Why Holiday Traditions Are Important

I love the holidays more than anything. Christmas is my favorite time of year. Ever since I was a kid, my brothers and I would scramble downstairs, our eyes bright like the sun, our smiles flashing just to see if Santa came. I even got married at Christmas. Well, close to it, on December 22nd, I will be celebrating 13 years of wonderful marriage to my husband. But what I remember the most about the holidays are the traditions that not only my family shared each year, but friends and neighbors too, whom introduced us to new traditions we could all enjoy.

I remember as a kid, each year my dad would take us to this house on Joyce and Kingsway in Burnaby where a friend of his had been doing up Christmas lights for years. I grew up going to that house. Whether it’s stringing popcorn and watching the Grinch. Or making Hot Toddies with friends around the fireplace. Traditions during the holidays are important because they create a timeline of enjoyment we get to relish in and relive year after year.

Holiday traditions build a strong family bond making us united with one another. The smell of my mother’s Turkey cooking in the oven Christmas morning is something I will forever cherish. Dad in his robe, handing out presents. Reading the Night Before Christmas on Christmas eve.

These are all things we can pass down from generation to generation. Each tradition tells a tale or story of something past and yet never forgotten in the future. Having traditions during the holidays is like bottling up everything that means something to you and burying it in a time capsule, except the difference is you get to break open that capsule each and every year to go through the reminders of things that were and are important to you.

What are some of your family holiday traditions?