Philips Click Style Shaver: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Him

Holiday Gift Guide Feature:

It’s Movember but not all men like to wear to a beard. In fact some men need to shave, almost daily to get rid of that pesky stubble that bothers them, like my son for instance. He’s turning 15, has a girlfriend, and likes to keep his body hair free because of sports and sweating. So this holiday I thought well — both my son and hubby could use a new razor, but with so many on the market, which one would I choose? There’s no question, I turned to Philips Click and Style for Teens and Men.

For a young guy coming into his own and starting to “groom” himself, the NEW Philips Click and Style is a complete all-in-one system equipped with three attachments that make shaving super easy. Just click on, click off the different heads for grooming to achieve the style of grooming you want. It retails for $89.99 which doesn’t break the bank and there’s some pretty great features that I just couldn’t pass up on for my guys.


  • easy to click technology to switch between shaving, facial styling and body grooming with one product.
  • two-headed shaver with comfort cut blades to glide smooth over the skin and still get a close enough shave to actually make a difference.
  • shave with shaving cream for extra protection or dry for on-the-go convenience.
  • beard styler with five different lengths to just trim or get rid of stubble
  • 100% waterproof – you can trim, style and shave where you want (wet or dry)
  • rechargeable and only takes 1 hour and gives you 40 minutes of use.
  • battery light indicator to tell you when the battery is getting low and needs a charge.

My son Jake loves the wet/dry capabilities of this shaver.  He can get up, hop in the shower, shave without worrying about getting the shaver wet and be out the door and ready for school in a flash.  Hubby likes that you can shave with shaving cream, and get a close shave with or without it.

“I’ve never seen technology like this where I can take a rechargeable shaver and use it in the shower or even use it with shaving cream, and I get just as close (if not closer) a shave than if using a standard razor with shaving cream. It’s totally cool!”

The Philips Click & Style is available to buy online at or at local retailers, like Walmart, London Drugs and anywhere else that carries Philips brand products.  Please visit Philips Facebook Page or tweet with them online @philipscare_na

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