Entertain Over The Holidays With This DIY Pasta Bar

One of the things I love the most about the holidays is entertaining. Having a group of family and friends come over, enjoy a meal, get together to celebrate the good times. What I don’t love is cleaning up the mess, or even preparing a big meal for everyone. I came across this idea for a DIY Pasta Bar to make holiday entertaining more fun!

I love the idea of a DIY Pasta Bar. It’s simple, creative and it allows my guests to pick and choose what they want to eat. Preparation can be done hours beforehand, and there is something to be said about serving fresh ingredients, something for everyone to enjoy that makes holiday entertaining more relaxing. 

How to Setup Your Holiday DIY Pasta Bar

Pick Your Pasta

Make sure you keep dietary needs in order when choosing the right pasta to offer for your guests. You can use regular pasta, Rotini, colored pasta, whole wheat even gluten free. No matter what pasta you choose, offer at least two kinds on the table, giving everyone a choice.

Pick Your Sauce

With so many amazing recipes online for pasta sauce, your options are endless for this. For myself I would offer a garlic and herb marinara along with a classic alfredo. I love alfredo with cheese and yummy mixes. So having at least two kinds of sauce will keep your guests happy.

Pick Your Mixins

Here is where you can go to town. Mushrooms, parmesan cheese, meatballs, turkey meatballs, olives, shrimp, chicken, bacon, fresh tomatoes, chili peppers. Options galore. Your guests will smile throughout the night and feel as though they are dining out by having all the mixins to create their very own perfect pasta dish. 

What would you have on your Pasta Bar?

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