Hexbug Vex Robotic Gear Racers Review

My kid loves building things. He loves breaking them down, seeing how they work, building them up and creating new and specific things. He also loves anything robotic which is why one of his favorite toys are Hexbug Vex Robotics Gear Racers. What kid wouldn’t love the combination of robotics + cars?

Gear Racers are pretty cool, I have to say. Standard for ages 8 and up you can build two Gear Racers™ from over 180 VEX® Robotics Pieces! This kit is challenging but fun as it aims for you to build two pull back VEX® Robotics Gear Racers™ at the same time!

What I love about the Gear Racers as a parent is that it teaches how machines work. How they convert potential energy into kinetic energy, while the multiple gear ratios teach you about the fundamental principles behind speed and torque. So it’s kinda like a fun science experiment kids will love! 

The Hexbug Vex Robotic Gear Racers come in at a very affordable learning price of $24.99 and you can pick them up at ToysrUs. I think that’s a great price for a toy that teaches kids physics. There are various forms of builds as well which you can download and print from the Hexbug site. 

Kids can build a rover. Download template here.

Kids can build a Dragonfly. Download Template here.


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