Hexbug Aquabot Remote Control Angelfish {Review}

Oh something cool to show you guys today! I love Angelfish. What kid wouldn’t love to control an Angelfish? Well now for the first time, kids can move and control their pet fish with the Hexbug Aquabot Remote Control Angelfish

Kids can steer their Hexbug Aquabot remote control fish up and down and all around any object in its path. The new Angelfish has up to 3 different speeds and can travel in 3 different directions. Take a peek below. 

The Hexbug Aquabot Angelfish is a colorful, robotic fish that comes in 4 different colors, styled with life-like markings. And what’s super cool is kids can actually collect their fish, using the unique control system, which allows kids to pilot TWO Angelfish at the same time. So you can collect them all!

What I love about Hexbug Aquabot Angelfish is it’s not just for kids like my son who is 9 years old. I love that kids who can’t have pets can keep these little guys as sort of real, live action fish. The Hexbug Aquabots make tub time more fun and can be educational, interesting your child in the different types of fish and bots available. Would make a great gift suggestion. 

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