How To Help Your Teen Prepare For Traveling Alone

Tomorrow is a big day for me. It’s not the first time my son is going to be away from home, but every time he leaves, I get nervous and scared and always have a million things running through my mind.

I need to help him prepare for traveling alone. Dad and I won’t be there with him, and there is no way he can just come home and grab what he needs. So I thought of some great tips I use for family travel, to prepare and organize for his trip.

Tips for helping your teen prepare for travelling without you

Make a List — Always make a list of all items you need so you can check the items off one by one, so you don’t miss anything when packing.  There is nothing worse than leaving and forgetting something your teen might need.

Extras — Pack extra clothing even if you are unsure whether you will need it or not. The weather can change drastically when travelling and you want to be prepared so you don’t get stuck in shorts while it’s snowing outside.

Electronics  and Entertainment — Most hotels have wifi, so packing electronics like a cell phone or ipad can help you stay in touch with your teen while they are away. Make sure they are in a separate container so they don’t get wrecked.

Your own pillow and storage blanket — Travelling either by car or bus it can get uncomfortable and cold. So make sure to pack your own pillow and storage blanket to take with you in case you want to be more comfortable and even catch a few zzzz’s while travelling.

Money in a safe place — Every teen travelling should have a wallet of some kind, something to keep his personal information and money. For our son, he had cash as well as visa gift cards which is harder to lose than straight currency, so he can eat at the restaurants the team is visiting during the trip.

Ground Rules — Just because your teen is away from home doesn’t mean rules don’t have to be followed. Sit down and go over what is expected from your teen while they are away. Set some ground rules, and trust they will be followed. If they aren’t make sure you agree on consequences before hand so everyone is aware of what will happen.

JJ is going to the Interior for a basketball tournament with his school team. He’s super excited about it. That being said, I of course worry about everything, even though I know I shouldn’t. My son is more than capable of taking care of himself. He’s quite responsible. The last time he went away and we gave him money, he came home with half of it plus all the receipts for every penny he spent. He was totally grown up about it.

Still, it’s good to be prepared. We made our check list, got him ready and then took him to the bus to say goodbye. I hope he has a great time, and yes I’m going to miss him. I’ll be waiting by FB for a check-in. Thank goodness for social networking!

How do you help prepare your kids for travel?



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  1. Paul@Mapdestinations February 10, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Even if your teen is traveling with a group, check the options for travel insurance. If the group doesn’t have a travel insurance plan, or the plan they offer won’t work for your teen get your own protection.


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