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Heads Up + Netflix Makes Family Movie Night Tons of Fun

It’s hard to believe September is almost over and the kids have been back to school for almost a month now. One of the things I miss most about summertime is spending time together as a family. So we make it habit on weekends to have some quality time together by either camping out or playing boards, mixed with some fab movies on Netflix.

Movie Choice #1


Our movie choice this past weekend was Zootopia. I hadn’t seen the movie but honestly have to say I really loved it. The animals were a riot and it was so much fun to sit as a family, laugh and watch a great movie. 

One thing I love about Netflix in Canada is we get all the Disney Movies. Growing up Disney was my favorite, and not just the cartoon ones. Disney is known for creating some magical movies like Remember the Titans and TomorrowLand.

Movie Choice #2


I love this movie. The music is awesome. The story fantastic. The characters lovable. Tangled is so great and even though it’s about Rapunzel, the boys really enjoyed it. 

Movie Choice #3


Of course our third choice Cool Runnings, one of my absolute fav movies and not just because it was filmed in Calgary. The movie is inspirational about the first Jamican bobsled team. The boys were cracking up as the team learned how to bobsled in one of the driest places on earth. 


To mix up our night and between movies, we decided to play several games of Heads Up. If you don’t know what Heads Up is, turn back now as it’s highly addicting and tons of fun. You basically hold the tablet or phone above your head while everyone gives you clues and you try to guess what is on the screen.

We really love playing this game, and I find as a mom who limits tech time with her kids, playing this game is a fun and useful way to spend time together. Heads Up + Netflix = Tons of Family Fun! 

Netflix has some great shows that have been added this past month for families to enjoy. Some might even surprise you but are well worth watching. So grab the kids, make some popcorn, settle in and take a peek at what you’ve been missing. 

New Shows To Browse Through

 Even though school is in full swing and Halloween is coming, which I cannot wait for because Netflix is sure to have some amazing family fall shows to watch for us. Remember to spend time together. Take time out of playing on Facebook or Tweeting and settle in to enjoy some family entertainment everyone can enjoy!

What have you been doing to spend quality time together as a family? Give us your ideas below.

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