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prince harry and meghan markle together

Harry and Meghan: A Royal Wedding Made of Dreams and Wishes #TheRoyalWedding

Millions got up early just as I did due to the time difference to turn on the television and watch history be made as Meghan Markle (American actress) set to marry Ginger Harry (Prince of Whales) and oh it was worth it. It was a Royal Wedding made of dreams and wishes for Harry and Meghan, and worth the loss of sleep. At least I thought so, as did many others.

It was the largest trending talked about event for 2018 so far on Facebook and Twitter as social media blew up with photographs, messages and of course opinions spread out far and wide. Everything from what Meghan’s dress would like to who would really walk her down the aisle was discussed. But in the end, the pair of lovebirds (and yes they are truly in love) said their “I do’s” in a ceremony that could only be described as a fairytale.

harry and meghan royal wedding photo at the alter


From the dress to the speeches and vows, the Royal Wedding was everywhere. On the news. On social media. I watched every single moment and fell in love with the belief fairytales do come true as Meghan and Harry exchanged rings inside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, their hearts and love for one another in front of 600 guests and almost 200,000 lining the streets of Windsor, along with the world watching.

History was made whether people believe that or not, and in a world where we constantly battle bullying, racism, poverty, judgments, and fear. Yesterday was a break from everything negative with the focus on positive change.

Of course, there were trolls and those who had awful things to say about the ceremony, which was a mix of traditional and modern flare. What I couldn’t stop watching was the way Harry looked at Meghan and vice versa during the entire thing. Every smile. Every touch of the hand. Let’s journey on the day!

meghan markle and her mother arrive at the wedding

Meghan and her mother arrive together by car through the procession, waving and chatting and smiling with one another. A mother and daughter moment forever etched in our minds.

You have to give it to Meghan’s mother Ms. Doria Ragland, who sat alone in a strange country she’d never been to before. She was the only person in Meghan’s family at the wedding to watch her daughter embark on a new chapter in her life, and you could just see the emotion radiate out from her as Meghan and Harry exchanged vows.

George and Amal Clooney joined other Hollywood stars Idris Elba, Carey Mulligan and James Corden for the big day.

Of course, Meghan had friends come to the wedding, friends of both hers and Harry’s. Some didn’t like how yellow Amal looked. I thought she looked beautiful for a sunny wedding afternoon like a sunflower. Along with Oprah who was gorgeous as always. From stars like David Beckham to Serena Williams, to all of Markle’s (Suits) co-stars were in attendance. You can read the A-list of celebrities here that joined the group to help the happy couple celebrate their nuptials.

Even Sir Elton John was in attendance and some say performed at the reception held for 200 of their closest family and friends for the new bride and groom. What a wonderful treat! Of course, Elton performed on the request of Harry and The Queen at St George’s Hall, Windsor Castle due to his close relationship he has with the family and the loss of his former beloved Diana.

prince harry prince william royal wedding 2018

Diana’s boys arrived looking dapper as usual. Harry you could tell was a bit nervous, fidgeting with his gloves but all smiles. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall to hear what Prince William said to his brother on the walk together as everyone waited for the bride to arrive. Diana would’ve been so proud, watching her boys (now happily married men) from above.

prince charles walking meghan markle down the aisle

Prince Charles had the honor of walking Meghan Markle Down The Aisle while her mother looked on.

It was the question on everyone’s mind. Just who was going to walk Meghan down the aisle. Markle began her journey outside the castle with ten children in tow behind her where she walked alone with her head held high until she breached the alter.

So where was her father? Her father, already caught in a scandal after staging photos for money sent his blessings and happy messages about his daughter’s wedding to TMZ after the wedding where he watched from his hospital after apparently undergoing heart surgery.

Amidst the family controversy (vultures) I say from Meghan’s family trying to cash in on her life. Prince Charles did his dutiful duty of walking his new daughter-in-law down the aisle and handing her off to which Harry said “Thanks, pa.” to him not leaving a dry eye in the house.

crowd watching royal wedding 2018

It was estimated almost 200,000 people lined the streets of Windsor, a town known for its small population of only 30,000 to watch the wedding between Harry and Meghan. People came from all over the world. Many Canadians were included amongst the crowds, since Markle spent over 7 years working and living in Toronto and has adopted the city as her hometown.

meghan markle's wedding dress

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress was a gorgeous and elegant simple piece that was classic with a train that was hand stitched.

I, of course, enjoying myself waiting and watching for the bride to arrive, like everyone else couldn’t hold in my anticipation to see Meghan’s wedding dress and man, she did not disappoint. Some thought the dress was not as pretty as Kate’s or as lavish as Diana’s, but for me, it screamed Meghan through and through. A woman who is strong, who embodies empowerment inside not based on what you wear on the outside.

Meghan’s dress was sculpted to fit her gorgeous figure and created and designed by Givenchy that screamed elegance. Made of double bonded silk cady, wide across the shoulders and topped with a five-meter-long veil of silk that embroidered hand stitched flowers. She was a stunning sight when she arrived at St. George’s Chapel inside Windsor Castle. She wore very little makeup, showcasing her natural beauty which I also loved.

Afternoon of Fairy Tales!

All in all it was a great afternoon of wedding watching, wonderful and romantic from the moment the guests arrived to the moment Harry and Meghan had their first kiss after being announced as husband and wife. It made me believe in fairytales again. There’s a pic of Meghan at 15 in front of Buckingham Palace while visiting with a friend, and 15 years later she married her prince. We wish to congratulate Harry and Meghan and hope they have a wonderful, long lasting life together, one that is always blessed with love!

Side Note: Did you know Harry actually picked the flowers for Meghan’s bouqet which had Forget Me Nots, which were his mother’s favorite flower. Meghan wore a tiara lent to her from the Queen never worn before, and her train had the flowers on it from all 31 commonwealth countries.

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    This is the most wonderful Royal wedding of the Millennium. It is a wedding that breaks the barriers of race and prejudice around the British Monarchy. The wedding was a very simple, classy, olderly and elegant one . Indeed it is a lovable and unforgettable one.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great post with us.

    June 9, 2018 at 4:14 am
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