The Coolest Stocking Stuffers 2015

I love stocking stuffers. My stocking is my favorite thing to open Christmas morning. Coming up with unique and fun gift ideas though isn’t always easy. Sometimes we overlook the practical, trying too hard. Harbinger sent me some nifty little treats to try out and I must say they are a smashing success. Some I’ve even added to my list for Santa!

1.) Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are something I’ve never tried before. These handy little wipes remove dirt, make-up, grime, grease from your face while hydrating your skin. My skin is sensitive and didn’t break out after using them. They are great for travellers, family visits and even sleepovers for kids. — $10.99 available at all drug and grocery stores nationwide.  

2.) Vaseline Lip Therapy is always in my purse during the winter season. I’ve tried a million lip balms, lip therapies and none of them compare to Vaseline’s brand. Dry, cracked lips are no fun in the winter. Vaseline Lip Therapy protects your lips, and it’s even great for kids who like to lick their bottom lip creating a freezer burn type rash. Comes in Original and Coca Butter, and this cute little display of 3 trial size lip therapies is adorable to hang on the tree or put in someone’s stocking. — $6.99 (3x7g) available in grocery stores everywhere.

3.) Dr. Scholl’s Express Pedi Foot Smoother is a godsend! If you are like me and wear flip-flops all year long and no socks, then you know the pain of having sore, dry, cracked heels and feet. Dr. Scholl’s Pedi removes calloused skin quickly and easily, helping make your feet soft and looking great. I can’t live without mine! — $44.99 available at Walmart, Superstore, Amazon, Home Hardware, London Drugs.

4. ) Dove Men + Care Pro-Moisture Shaving Cream Help your man look his best this holiday season and stay fresh and trimmed all season long. My hubby loves Dove Men because it’s rich in moisture and he says it stops the razor burn and skin irritation that comes from shaving. There are two formulas: Hydrate and Sensitive Skin for those who need extra moisturizer. — $8.00 available at local drugs and grocery stores everywhere.

5.) Juicy Fruit & Excel Gum will be a big hit in someone’s stocking. Juicy Fruit has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. I love the flavor and now that it’s sugarless it’s even better. Excel gum is great for freshening your breath. Many people don’t but hubby keeps a pack of Excel in his car door for when he’s on the go. Fresh breath is important and so is taking care of your gums. — $1.89, Excel – $1.20, Juicy Fruit – $1.20 available everywhere.

6.) Q-Tips Precision Tips are every gal’s best friend. Mine included! I use these baby’s for nail art, removing polish from my cuticles, as an applicator for lip gloss on the go, and even to create smokey eyes with my eye shadow as the tips blend make-up quite nicely as they are tapered at both ends with a sharp-like point. — $4.49 available at all grocery stores nationwide.

7.) Dove’s Oxygen Souffle Mask is great for the girl who likes to style. Infused with oxyfusion technology, it’s light-weight and you don’t need to use very much to give your add that added boost of moisture it needs. Great for those with fly-away or unruly curls to help tame those locks. — $7.98 available at Walmart, Superstore and London Drugs.

8.) Brooks Double Tab Running Socks are amazing! Okay, yes those who know me are saying – what? Jodi you don’t wear socks and they are right, I never do because I hate how socks make my feet feel at hot and sweaty. But Brooks double tab running socks are by far the best pair of socks I have ever worn. Soft and comfortable and light-weight, they are tricked out with front and achilles tabs for extra comfort and for some reason it does make a huge difference. Mesh paneling helps your feet absorb moisture and keep them dry and protected. I’m definitely asking Santa for some in my stocking this year! — $15.00 (worth the prices) available at and the Running Room. 


I’d like to thank Harbinger for allowing us to test out these great products for the holidays. Certainly gave me some stocking stuffer ideas for the ones I love. How about you?

What do you put in your stocking?




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