Is The Google Pixel 2XL Really The Best Phone of 2018?

There is no denying that when Google releases a smartphone there is just something magical about it. The anticipation for the Pixel 2 and 2XL was high on the list for users to dive in and experience, and although Google has hit some speed bumps along the way, nothing they haven’t fixed for the most part with updates, this second-gen phone to the beloved first Pixel is a seriously strong competitor in the smartphone arena.

I’ve used the Google Pixel 2XL for the past three months and let me tell you, it’s now my favorite phone and my daily driver for everyday use. Sure there are some quirks such as (tilt blue lighting) when you tilt the phone it shows hes of blue, but it’s not a deal breaker for me when I’m staring at my phone dead on.

And yes… some are not impressed with the P-OLED screen vs the AMOLED screen Samsung uses, which is utterly breathtaking to look at. But again not a deal breaker. What the Google Pixel 2XL lacks, it more than makes up for with its style, faster than fast software and added bonuses you just have to see which sets it high above the bar in today’s society.

#1. The Power of Google

With 4GB of Ram, 64GB and 128GB of storage, 835 Snapdragon and 6 inches 18.9 GHD + display with 12 Megapixel Camera there isn’t much to complain about in the powerhouse where the Google Pixel 2XL is concerned. It’s lightning fast. No bloatware other than what Google has to offer and you can cut what you aren’t using. Google Drive, Photos, Chrome, Calendar and more is all that is offered to make this one of the best phones to have.

#2. Google Pixel 2XL Always Up To Date With Android

One of the best things about the Pixel 2XL is the ability to get updates before anyone else. The Pixel 2XL is one of the few phones on the market running Android Oreo, smarter, faster and more powerful software. Hiding apps so you use the least amount of consumption to speeding up multi-tasking. Oreo is blazing with speed and connectivity, giving you the best user experience ever with a smartphone. And with Google Pixel 2XL you get it first, so you will always be running the best software before anyone, keeping your phone present for the future.

#3. Best Camera On A Smartphone

The area where the Google Pixel 2XL shines is the camera. A simple 12-megapixel camera is the best camera ever on a smartphone we’ve seen. Taking clear, fantastic snapshots in any varying condition and with consistency. Low light shots are brought to life with the help of HDR+ coming out crisp and clear, and portrait mode shifts out 2 photos (one blur effect and one not) for you to choose from. It also has a manual mode for those who wish to play around, along with nifty extras like Star Wars stickers helping you bring photos to life.

#4. Battery Life + Quick Charge

One thing consumers look for when purchasing a smartphone is the ability to use it for their daily tasks without having to worry about the battery. The Google Pixel 2XL has amazing battery life, allowing you multitask, watch movies and be on the go. One a medium day of use I can get up to a full days charge and then some. On heavy use days, I simply charge it at night. Add to it a Quick Charge cable and the phone reaches 1/2 capacity for its battery in less than fifteen minutes. So you will never run out of juice!

#5. Other Features That Set The Google Pixel 2XL Apart

Aside from the battery life and great photo capabilities, the Google Pixel 2XL has many other features that just set it apart from every other smartphone out there. The Design is sleek with a metal casing and although some say it’s not on par with other notable devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8. There is a slew of other functions just not found on any other smartphone that set the Google Pixel 2XL apart.

Name that Tune: Tells you the name of any song you are listening to while on the go.

Squeeze Assistant: Brings up Google Assistant by squeezing the side of the phone instead of saying “Okay Google” to search for what you want day or night.

Search Function: Still needs fine tuning but kinda cool by simply taking a photo and searching for information based off that photo, such as artwork, music albums and more.

HDR+ integrated: With apps such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat taking your photos to the next level of professional photography.

Waterproof IP67: So you can enjoy your phone on the beach, in the sand, wherever you go to snap those photos you want, do your banking or send off that proposal you are working on without the elements getting in the way.

So there you have it. 5 Reasons why we are loving the Google Pixel 2XL and why we think it’s the best smartphone on the market right now. From easy updates with Android to unlimited storage for photos, Google makes using your smartphone easy, fun and worry-free. Not to mention design worthy with a camera that surpasses all other cameras we’ve reviewed so far.

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What Smartphone Are you Using Right Now?

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