My Goody Bag Of Items To Help Beat Infections

I woke up Monday the first day of Spring Break and I couldn’t move. I hurt everywhere. My body felt like a train had run over me. You know the feeling. My chest hurt. My limbs ached. My head felt like spaghetti dangling off a fork. I was sick. Great! Just great, I thought. This was all I needed to begin my special time spent with my boy, lying in bed sicker than a dog.

I headed to the doctor’s right away. Turns out I have an infection and she immediately gave me antibiotics. I know they will help but there are other things I needed to use in order to try to fight this nasty thing brewing inside of me. Plain ole things I had lying around the house to help make my sick life a bit easier.

Goody Bag of Items to Help Beat An Infection

The first thing in my arsenal of sick goodies to help is my Braun Thermoscan Digital Thermometer. Okay, sure people think they are just for kids but they aren’t. The Braun Thermoscan reads quickly and easily, giving an accurate temperature so I can keep track of how the infection is progressing. Right now I have a low grade fever 39.2.

My next item in my goody bag is lip balm. I know you’re going what? But when I get sick my lips crack and bleed and dry out really bad. The best balm for this for me anyhow is Avene lipstick. I use it because it has beeswax in it for great protection and it’s transparent when applied. It has vitamin E & F which are great emollients.

The next thing I use but only at night time is the Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier. It’s for the kids really, but the cool mist helps me breathe when I can’t which right now I’m so bloody congested, it truly helps to have it in the room when I’m trying to get some sleep. And since sleep is vastly important for getting better. I couldn’t do without this. Apparently, nobody else can either because we gave one away on our blog and everyone wanted it.ย 

Hubby is always on me to drink tea with honey, take my medicine and of course to fill my body with vitamins. I hate taking vitamins of any kind. Usually because they are giant horse-pills that are uncomfortable to swallow. Hubby went out and picked me up some Women’s Gummies from Vitafusion to take for about twelve bucks. They actually aren’t bad tasting. Easy to swallow when your throat is sore, and can provide nutrients you need to help the body fight sickness.

My final piece of getting well is a total must-have in my house. I live with it each and every day, and everyone who comes over asks me where I got it. My Yogibo. I couldn’t live without it. When I’m sick one of the hardest things for me is being able to breathe while trying to sleep.

My Yogibo wraps around me and keeps me propped up. It’s the best bean bag companion I’ve ever owned, and you can buy it locally which is fantastic as they just opened a new store in Coquitlam.ย 

What do you have in your goody bag for when you get sick?

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