Go-Go Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Play-set By V-Tech

Do you have a little one in love with animals?  My nephew Kylan is 2 and he absolutely loves tigers, lions, monkeys and other zoo and farm animals. When thinking of a gift idea for him, I wanted to get him something that not only could he play with for hours on end, but something that would engage his brain, help him learn and have fun at the same time!

VTech introduces Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset

This playset is absolutely fantastic!  It’s interactive, engaging and super cute I have to say. I remember as a kid growing up I used to have a spin wheel that you pulled a string on. It would land on a certain animals and say the animals name and make a sound. I loved that thing growing up. I want my nephew to have a fun toy he can play with and learn and grow with every day. 

Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset features Smart Point technology that adds fun to play. Roll a SmartPoint animal over a location on the playset and it will respond with different phrases, sounds and more. Each animal responds different to every SmartPoint location so you can collect them all. Each animal is sold separately. 

The Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset teaches kids a variety of things including: Sounds, Animals, Colors, Music and Pretend Play.  It has 7 manipulation features along with 80 + songs and sounds. It’s perfect for children age 1 – 5 years. I know my nephew is going to love it for Christmas!

Vtech has a variety of playsets available for your gift giving needs. Deluxe Track Set, Zoo Playset and all brand new Go! Go! Smart Wheels Car Set. The Zoo playset can be purchased at a variety of locations including: Toys R Us, London Drugs, Superstore. It retails for $49.99 and is worth it to provide hours of active play, memory and learning. 




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