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I received glasses for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Wearing eyeglasses is not something I ever thought I would have to do. I mean, I realized getting older, my eyes might wane in sight a little. But I never expected I would have to wear prescription glasses. I most certainly wasn’t prepared for how expensive they can be either.

So when I was offered an opportunity to try out glasses from, I was super excited! A part me always wondered if buying glasses online was more affordable, and if so would they be worth wearing? Or would they simply just fall apart?

I was eager to find out. offers not only sunglasses that are amazing, in all shapes and sizes. They also offer prescription glasses for both men and women, and they even have glasses for kids that are stylish, durable and above all — affordable.

Ordering my glasses online was super easy. Make sure you visit your eye doctor to get your proper prescription written down as you are going to need this.

I didn’t need a prescription for my sunglasses as my prescription is for reading only when I’m at the computer or with a book in my hand. I love that I have the opportunity to order prescription glasses online for less than half the cost of my regular glasses purchased at my optometrist.

Who doesn’t love to save money???

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the bigger the sunglasses the better –

Sunglasses That Rock With Style!

My sunglasses are great big round – movie star glasses, which are my absolute favorite style to wear. The Zoro Round comes in 3 different shades. I chose the Champagne/Silver with Mirror Coating.

I love that the stems of the sunglasses have a giant pearl on each end, making them unique and extremely comfortable to wear. The Zoro’s also come in black and turquoise. I am definitely going to order the turquoise next as the color just pops.

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the mirror coating. It’s not bad, it’s just for myself, I prefer sunglasses that protect and shade my eyes but still allow enough clarity for me to see when driving. These glasses are a tad bit on the darker side.

However, that being said. I would definitely wear them out to the lake, swimming at the beach, to protect my eyes from the blazing sun shining above.

The Zoro glasses are $29.99 and well worth the price.

reading glasses from round harry potter style

Reading Glasses That Are Sure To Get You Noticed!

When it came time to pick out my reading glasses, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that would be able to get my prescription right. But happily, I was wrong. Not only did they get my reading prescription right… I actually love these glasses more than the ones I got from my optometrist.

I ordered the Glenview Round glasses in black.

They are huge and I love it. My son immediately said, “Mom, you got Harry Potter glasses!” and he’s right. They are a bit like Harry’s, only larger, and for some reason help me see better than the square ones I picked out last year from my eye-doctor.

I definitely recommend you guys go and check out They make finding glasses super easy, and I really like that I can upload a photo and try on some glasses so I can see how they will look on me.

The best part though — the price! has affordable lenses that are made of better quality than I thought they would be. Right now, you can pick out one pair of glasses and get a second pair free!

I don’t know about you but free is good.

I wish to thank for allowing me to try their glasses out. You’ve made a shopper out of me, and I am definitely going to be picking up more pairs. My next pair will be prescription sunglasses for when I’m driving.

Where do you buy your sunglasses or prescription glasses? Have you ever bought a pair of sunglasses online? Share with us where in the comments below…

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( Photos by Just Jodi )

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