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Keep Things Fresh With Glad Odor Shield With Febreeze

During the holiday season a million smells invade my home. The smell of Turkey cooking, sweets baking, chocolate covered candies. But some smells aren’t so nice, especially as leftovers get thrown out and the boys pile my garbage ten feet high. I end up walking with the bag holding my nose to avoid the rotting from creeping into my nostrils. Ewwwwww!

Ham, cheese, meat, shrimp, sauces, fruit salads, cookies, you name it and there is always something being tossed out. I’ve always wondered if bags that carry a scent actually work to help keep odors at bay. So this holiday I decided to try GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness to help neutralize the yucky smells and keep my kitchen and house smelling great for anyone popping by. 


Having a teenage son that plays football, a young teenage girl who uses womanly products, a younger child who throws out half eaten food, the dog, cat, smelly shoes, clothes and various other things. The last thing I need is to walk in a room and smell the garbage. 

GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness  keeps my garbage smelling nice and not just in my kitchen. It works great for my bathrooms as well. You can buy the bags in all various quantities and sizes which is fantastic! Plus I can use the composting bags for dirt for my strawberries which I love!

The products I’ve tried and loved are the Easy-Tie® Small Kitchen Compostable Bags and Easy-Tie® Regular Kitchen Catchers® Bags

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