How To Give your Pets a Little Holiday Love

For me the holiday season isn’t just about the kids, hubby and family. It’s also about showing my fur babies some holiday love, too! Harley is my Morkie and he deserves some Christmas cheer so this holiday I’ve chosen a few products I know he will love and will help make his life and mine a bit easier. 

Vegetarian Liquid Glucosamine Supplement

Being that Harley is a small dog and has allergies and a sensitive stomach, giving him anything is a bit of a pain in the butt. He also suffers from hip and back leg pain, most likely due to his breed and being small. We are careful not to step on him. Giving Harley anything medicinal is tough because I have to coat it all in peanut butter as it is usually in pill form. Then I came across this Vegetarian Liquid Glucosamine Supplement and Harley absolutely loves it! 

  • Gentle Relief
  • 100% vegetarian (no shellfish, beef or animal by-products)
  • Joint Care for hip and arthritis pain relief
  • Veterinarian recommended 
  • Money back guaranteed to work!

iGroom Pet Wash

Our fur babies deserve to smell nice and clean.  iGroom 5 in 1 All Natural Pet Wash does just that. Backed by a 100% money back guarantee and has a specialized formula and natural cleanser. It’s a natural cleanser, moisturizer, conditioner, deodorizer and detangler all in one formula!

  • Body cleanser to eliminate toxins, replenish natural moisture and nutrients leaving coat shiny
  • Ultra-mild derived from natural ingredients like coconut oil, brown kelp, citrus fruit extract etc.
  • Soothes skin has emollients to lock in moisture.
  • All natural pet product for dogs with sensitive or dry skin.

We love this shampoo. We used it on Harley and he smells so good and his coat is shiny and nice looking. Harley’s hair gets greasy easily and his body is very sensitive to many shampoo’s on the market. They cause him to itch. But not the iGroom!

iGroom pet grooming comb

Does your pet love to be groomed. I know Harley loves it. He loves the feel of a brush or comb running through his fur. And having a good grooming brush/comb allows you to help your animals get rid of matts and other tangles. The iGroom Stainless Steel comb is of course backed with a 100% money back guarantee.

  • A great pet friendly gift for the holiday
  • High quality durable steel that will last a long time. 
  • Can be used for all your pets!
  • 65 page book with useful, practical and easy to follow tips and techniques.

For Readers!!!

The fine ppl of iGroom are offering our readers discounts off their products for you to try. These products are great for your pets, keeping them healthy and happy. The perfect gift for the fur baby in your life.

  • The iGroom comb $5.00-off code is COMBGIFT
  • The iGroom pet wash $5.00-off code is CLEANPUP
  • The YES hip/joint supplement $10.00-off code is ACHEFREE

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  1. Pet Care February 11, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Wao! you have such a nice pup. Look at his fur after being shampooed and combed. The shampoo seems quite better than hat i have been using . I will try it for sure. Thank you for the discount codes.


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