This year we are featuring the hottest games and toys, and gift ideas for 0-12 in your home. Games are hot this year as they promote family time, something I’m a big fan of, but we also feature some pretty terrific toys you may not have heard of. So if you or other family members are looking for great gift ideas for the holidays, don’t forget to share this guide with them. 

ready to robot kids toy

1. Ready 2 Robot

Kids will love building, playing and then battling with their friends with these ready 2 robot smashing fun kits. Easy to put together and tons of entertainment and fun. These toys are collectibles and suitable for most ages.

air chargers 3 in 1 stunt loop playset

 3. Little Tikes 3 in 1 Air Track

Little Tikes always has the best toys and games. Fast moving, air pumping fun, this 3 in 1 Air Track will have the kids blasting through tunnels and over bridges and stunts they can build themselves.

flushin frenzy game for kids from Mattel

3. Flushin Frenzy Game

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this game from Mattel. The kids will have a riot playing this poopy game. Press the flusher to the toilet if the poop shoots out, grab it before anyone else can. Clean – family – fun!

crate creatures gift for kids

4. Crate Creatures

These adorable furry creatures make over 40 noises and need to be freed by children everywhere! Pull their tongues to see what happens. 

squawk game for kids board game

5. Squawk Board Game

Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Squawk is a fun board game the whole family can enjoy. Help the chicken lay the eggs. Each time is a surprise! 

gas out board game for kids

6. Gas Out

You can quite easily see the appeal as to why this is a must-have gift for kids. Gas out is fun and hilarious. Just squeeze and listen to the gas come out and make the kids laugh hilariously. 

marcus and marcus dinnerware for kids

7. Dinnerware For Kids

Even kids want their own dinnerware to be styling. With Marcus and Marcus, kids can choose to have their own set of dishes that are styling. 

personalized wall stickers for kids

8. Wall Art

Nothing is more special than a personalized gift like these monogram wall art peel and stick frames. Choose an image, type the name and frame and have it shipped right to your door. 

build or boom board game for kids

9. Build or Boom

This fast-paced game will have kids building their designs and using their imaginations, but hurry up because the clock is ticking. 

playmobil stegosaurus toy

10. Playmobil Stegosaurus Playset

Unless the dino in your kids and their imagination with Playmobil Explorers. Each set comes with a dinosaur playset and instructions.

twister board game for kids

11. Twister

It might be an old fashioned game but it’s still tons of fun getting all twisted and tied up. 

hexbug robotic soccer game tech toy

12. Hexbug Robotic Soccer

The kids will have hours of fun playing this interactive soccer match with two remote controllers and the world-wide fans cheering them on. 

uno card game

13. Uno

The family card game that started it all. UNO is something I remember playing around the campfire or at the table on family game night. This would be a great stocking stuffer and the kids will love it! 

ring racer toy for kids

14. Ring Racers

Flip. Spin. Race. Ring Racers are a high action remote control car inside a sphere allowing every kid to be a daredevil at heart. 

15. Playmobil Hidden Temple t-Rex Playset

Become an avid explorer with Playmobil and conquer and capture the t-rex before he destroys your home. Interactive with battery flashlight and other accessories. This set will keep the kids busy for hours. 

16. Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Maze

Calling all muggles and wizards alike. Fast action pop n’ race play as kids race the Maze to grab the Tri-Wizard cup and win the game. 

17. Swagtron Stunt Scooter

Kids will have no problem doing mid-air tricks of any kind with this classic stunt scooter from Swagtron, home to the elite in electric scooters and hoverboards. Built to last with a 19.5 deck and reinforced aluminum alloy wheels, 22″ steel t-bar frame even the most beginner scooter driver can enjoy this ride. 

18. Harry Potter Magical Beasts

Magical beasts have broken loose at Hogwarts. You and your friends must capture them before they destroy the castle. 

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