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I love shopping online. Why? Because you can get some of the best deals ever, especially if you’re a curvy girl like myself. Online shopping offers more variety. But it never fails. I pick out those dangling earrings or sweater that I absolutely love, head to the checkout, and before I enter my information, that empty discount box is glowing in my face like a neon sign. 

I need a promo code. 

Of course, the first thing I do is head to Google. But it’s not always easy finding the code you want. I’ve spent countless hours reading articles on how to find hidden promo codes for my favorite stores like Old Navy, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond. There aren’t many site-codes that work. So my frustration level begins to rise. 

I know you want that cute dress. Those shoes. That purse that you know would go great with that Bolo jacket in your closet. Don’t be shy. You can admit it. So here are a few ways you can save money with Forever 21 promo codes to give you the discount savings you need – you just have to know where to find them.  

I love wearing rompers, especially in the summer. I found this one on the Forever 21 website and I add the romper to my cart. I go to the checkout, but that promo/discount code box smacks me upside the head asking to be used. How can you find promo codes for stores like Forever 21 to give you savings? You just have to know where to look. 

Join The Forever 21 Email Newsletter List

Almost every single retailer has an email newsletter that you can sign up for, and most offer you a special perk for doing so. I looked on the Forever 21 website and found theirs at the very bottom of the page. Most are at the top.

You will see a box like this or something similar where you put in your email join, often offering you a discount or some type of free item for doing so. 

A few moments later you will receive an email thank you for joining the newsletter where you will get great discounts, and a promo code sent giving you a deal off your next purchase, plus exclusive updates. 

Tip: If you sign up for all shopping newsletters at the beginning of the month, you will have much longer to use your code before it runs out!

But what if you want to shop a second, third or fourth time and still have savings? You can’t use the newsletter promotion, you already did. That’s where coupon sites come in handy. They share their codes with smart shoppers looking to save money.

This leads me to my favorite place to find promo codes Dealspotr.

Sure, you can get other codes from other places. You can ever search Google to your heart’s content. But I find Dealspotr the very best and here’s why. 

Most sites will offer what appears to be great deals, but when you click on the links, they are either broken, lead to the main web page where no deals are found,  and you can’t find any sign of single-use codes — or any codes that can be used on full-priced merchandise — anywhere.

When I search Forever 21 on Dealspotr and scroll down a bit, on the left is a section where you can filter your results. I’ve highlighted it in yellow. Guess what I find? Single Use Codes.

I click on Single Use Codes, and bam! It’s Christmas in July. The green bar on each code is the health bar telling you how good or bad the code is. I pick the second one and see if it works. I click on title of the code for more information.

On the right, you can see a Dealspotr user has ‘validated’ the code which means it’s been tested on the Forever 21 website. Users do this each day for every deal on the site to help create an accurate bag of codes for us to use whenever we want.

I copy the code and place it in my checkout cart, entering it in the promo box and click apply. I wait to see what happens. Even saving yourself two dollars is something when you’re shopping. 

Can you see me doing the ‘happy dance?’ The code worked. I got a discount of $2.80 which is why I got to Dealspotr to check for promo codes for the places I shop whenever I’m shopping for anything online. 

Another great thing about Dealspotr is that you can filter your search for anything. Let’s say I’m looking for a code for a site that sells Forever 21 merchandise like say Amazon. With the filter button you can search third-party-sites to check out deals, you can look for free shipping codes, and so much more. 

Seach on Social Media

Forever 21 is a Global Brand like many others, and they share news and information on their products. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Each outlet sharing something magical if you follow them. 

For instance, Forever21 on Facebook always posts amazing deals. Why not stay up to date if your online anyways and snag yourself some discounts. 

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Bookmark This Tool

I know it’s been a long post, but I hope that I have shown that promo box doesn’t have to glow neon in your face when you shop. It should never be empty. Using these techniques, you can find more discounts each time you go to the checkout, and with back to school coming just around the corner. Why not put more pennies in your pocket?

Oh, don’t forget to bookmark Dealspotr. There are over 5 million coupons for you to find, great searching tools, plus why spend hours seeking something you can have right at your fingertips. 

Bonus- Sign up as a Dealspotr member like I did and you can subscribe to Forever 21 for deal updates as they come out. You earn 2,000 points for signing up and more for sharing deals you find online to help other shoppers. A community of savings. 


I partnered with Dealspotr to share this information with you. All opinions are 100% my own. Shop Dealspotr now, you won’t regret the savings! 

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