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Get Back to School Snacking with Kellogg’s + Giveaway


Here in British Columbia we parents are still on the fence waiting for our kids to go Back to School. Many children however are heading back this week, enjoying full learning and saying goodbye to a wonderful summer together with their family and friends. At the Shaw house even though we aren’t back we are in the full swing of BTS routines. 

The hardest part about getting ready for back to school is getting everyone on the proper sleep schedule. Being a stay at home mom, I love having my boys at home. I really enjoyed spending time with my teen Jake and his girlfriend, and my youngest Trace as we went on some family adventures, hung out in the sprinkler, watched late night movies and sat around eating snacks and goodies. 

For my boys the hardest part about mornings, other than waking up is eating breakfast. Trace is really picky. He only eats one type of cereal which is Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.  Jake on the other hand usually opts for something more on the go, like waffles with peanut butter and bananas. I prefer the boys eat a proper cereal, but they won’t. Instead they like to snack on it before bedtime as most mornings include reading group, football, gym work-outs and everything is fly-by-the seat of our pants. 

Our weekly schedule is pretty basic.  The boys are both on the lunch program at their schools. They get a (nut break) which I’m not sure why they call it that when it’s no nuts allowed LOL. They get a 45 min lunch to eat a rushed group of foods, before heading back to class. When they are off school and they come running through the door, they are starving and invading my cupboards for anything to gobbling down and satisfy them before we eat dinner at 6pm. Then after dinner they snack at least twice before settling into bed. 

One brand you will see in our home on a regular basis is Kellogg’s. From my cereal Special K to snack cereal Krave which the boys love, to wafer treats, waffles, crisps and granola. Kellogg’s has provided our family years of growing up with flavor, budget-friendly foods that everyone enjoys. 

I recently received a scrumptious food pack from Kellogg’s to try out some of their newest snacks and old-time favorites. Kellogg’s recently acquired one of my kids favorites Pringles to become part of their group of snacking goodies.  My pack came with the following items:

Cereals That Taste Delicious!

Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes Cereal great for snacking on with or without milk. These tasty multi-grain shapes are so much fun for kids like my youngest who is 8 years old. When I’m on the go, slipping two handfuls of these into a ziploc container to snack on while waiting after school or before supper is a great way to keep my son busy. He also loves the silly shapes they come in. 

Special K Original one of my absolute favorites to eat while growing up next to Rice Krispies has a new recipe. It still tastes great and I love how much bigger it is. The kids and hubby don’t touch it as it’s mine mine mine!

Special K Low-Fat Granola is a great cereal to eat with fruit like strawberries or bananas, but even better with frozen homemade yogurt which the kids can just stir in and enjoy. Sweet and crunchy it’s so yummy!

Kellogg’s Krave Chocolate Flavored Cereal is a huge hit with my oldest son and his girlfriend. Girls love a chocolate fix, and I can just see Krista grabbing a handful of this on her way to school while picking up Jake. Jake likes it with milk himself.  He loves how the chocolate flavor changes his milk to a cocoa taste — he’s such a big kid. 

Kellogg’s Introduces Pringles in 3 New Flavors

Pringles Tortillas corn chips which now come in 3 tasty new flavors. I am in love with these chips. The Original flavor is great to dip into chili or add to a taco salad with beef and tomatoes for supper. Just yummy!  Our second favorite is Nacho Cheese and then hubs really enjoys Zesty Ranch. These new Tortilla  Pringles have the same crisp normal Pringles do, and the flavors are truly great!

Win It!

1 lucky Canadian reader will win the same prize pack showcased above that I received. Valued at $50, it will include the cereals mentioned as well as 3 cans of new Pringles Tortillas and a Pringle t-shirt randomly picked size from stock. Enter using the form below. Only one winner per blog participating. Good Luck Everyone!

You can visit Kellogg’s Canada and follow along using the hashtag #KelloggCAInnovations 

Kellogg’s Cereal and Pringle Prize Pack

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