Gerald’s Game Stephen King Novel On Netflix

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Netflix Original Movie Gerald’s Game by Stephen King takes you to the edge and back. This haunting thriller kept me on the edge of my seat the entire way through the movie. Please note that this movie is not intended for children as it’s a horror with graphic violence, sexual innuendo, and graphic scenes.

A marriage is about working on the difficult things, and for Gerald and his wife Jesse, that is what a weekend getaway is all about, fixing their life together. Every couple goes through hard times and maybe some time together is just what the doctor ordered.

That is until Jess accidentally kills her husband and is left stranded, handcuffed to the bed, while her mind goes back and forth in this psychological thriller that will keep you riveted until the final scenes.


I love Carla Gugino (San Andres) in this movie. She gives an absolutely amazing performance carrying the show from beginning to end, pretty much all by herself. Gerald’s Game is wonderfully suspenseful, smart, and although the gore and sexual innuendo can make it sometimes difficult to watch, it’s definitely one worth catching.

Note: Fans of Stephen King please realize that books don’t always follow the movie. Screenplays have to be written differently to be adapted for film, so if you are expecting the movie to be exactly like the book (don’t watch this) movie as you will be disappointed.

Other notable mentions are the fact this movie has a great cast with Bruce Greenwood and Henry Thomas, playing Jesse’s young father. Gerald’s Game makes you think about how you got to where you did in your life and how the past plays such a significant role in who we become.

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