Stuck on You® Write On Labels & Keepsakes

Camp season is here!  Kids can barely contain their excitement, not to mention parents too! When getting prepared for camp one of the things we parents are always asked to do is to label our kids stuff. That’s where we gear up for camp with Stuck on You® Write on Labels

These handy labels are the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Not only are they waterproof but they are super easy to use and stick to anything!  Always a bonus when you are labeling water bottles, clothes, stuffed animals, books, games and everything else your child takes with them on their summer adventure. 

I grabbed some boys write on labels to help Trace prepare for camp. This is his first time away from home, and he’s a particular kid. He doesn’t like people touching his things, so labels really come in handy. 

I love the colorful icons for the boys. Dinosaurs, basketballs, firetrucks. But what I love even more is that they are waterproof! You pull back the top film, write your child’s name, then lift the film off and press it into the label you just wrote on. Peel the label and stick. That’s it. Now I don’t have to worry if he wears his hat into the lake to go swimming. 

Stuck on You® Camp Keepsakes! 

Another great thing I love about Stuck on You® isn’t just that their labels are fantastic. I found their keepsakes are incredible too. Now you can turn your camp photos into wall art that is something memorable!


Stuck on You® Photo Wall Art is perfect for personalizing your walls, doors, windows and more. Beautiful textured stickers these are super easy to peel and move. I was so super happy with how they turned out and put them on my fireplace to make an all white background pop! Once Trace is back from camp I’m going to order more so he can put them on his walls in his bedroom to keep the memories before him.

Stuck on You® Write On Labels $7.95 per pack (30 labels)

Stuck on You® Wall Art $19.95 4 sizes available – small, medium, portrait and large

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Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own and come from my actual testing of the products mentioned in the above post. Thanks for reading! 


  1. caryn s July 8, 2015 at 10:25 am

    Love these ideas especially the wall art!

    1. Jodi P. Shaw - Site Author July 9, 2015 at 11:42 am

      Oh you’d love the wall art. I am thinking of taking all my son’s photos of friends to make a sticker collage in his room. It’s pretty cool and you can peel them off and stick again later. To transport just use wax paper.

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