Stay Organized With These Back To School Labels

Getting ready for back to school is a tiresome task. There are lists, clothes, backpacks, binders, new shoes and more to cross off to be prepared to help my youngest and teenager enter another year of learning, and one thing that is inevitable each and every school year is stuff gets lost.

You send those sandwich containers and they don’t come home. Your kids have a knapsack and someone has the same one, now you have a new one to buy. Out of pocket expenses can rise this way.

This year as we prepared for summer camp and other outings. I made life a bit easier by heading to one of my favorite websites STUCK ON YOU, for personalized labels and gifts to help solve the never ending lost and found issue. Trace got a water bottle and pj’s for camp and I loved the designs so much, I headed back there to gear up for back to school. 

I’m not going to go into a huge list of amazing reasons on why I love Stuck on You to try to sell you on this stuff. The products speaks for themselves.  

I am going to tell you plain and simple whatever I buy for Trace is personalized, with his name, making them his stuck on you labels . That makes these products different from any other label company I’ve seen.  The kids can pick and choose what they want and as a parent who believes in individuality and expression of personality. That is something I love.

Stuck On You has a variety of options for kids. Everything from labels, backpacks, water bottles, lunch kits, t-shirts and more. You can find what you want and need easily. And did I mention how cute the designs are? Take a peek below. 

Trace wanted a new backpack this year. Last year two of his were stolen (by accident) because he had the same ones as other kids. When kids come into a class or gym and throw their backpack down, it’s easy for someone else to pick it up if it’s not personalized in any way. Sure I could pick up labels and just go that route. With Stuck On You, I have the ability to make it even more personalized for Trace so nobody will mistake his gear for theirs. 

Trace is going to be ready for back to school. He loves the backpack I got him. It’s made of durable quality, his name label is on the outside. I’m not fearful either of his name being shown. I’ve taught him about strangers, using our code word for pickups and he loves that his bike/skateboarding characters can be seen for all his friends to admire. Plus he will never lose it!  Or at least I’m crossing my fingers. 

Stuck On You is having a large back to school sale right now. Everything storewide is 40% off. You will be truly impressed with the quality of not only back to school items and labels for your kids, but the gift ideas that they have for birthday’s, baby showers and more. So head on over and visit them today! 

Are you ready for back to school?

I partnered with Stuck on you Labels to share with you their products. I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are %100 my own. 

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  1. caryn s September 2, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    I love stuck on you as my daughter has a unique name and i can only get her personalized stuff on their website!


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