Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit Makes Doing Nails A Cinch!

Gel nails have come a long way in bringing salon nails to the comfort of your home. Now Fuse Gelnamel makes it even easier with their new starter kits. Covered–literally in just one coat. All it takes is 30 seconds in the tiny Fuse LED lamp and you’ve got mega shine that lasts all week long..I tried out Fuse Gelnamel starter kit Gone Fission – retails $29.99 and I love the color. It’s like a sparkly pink. I will say it doesn’t match the color on the bottle as the color on the bottle looks more sandstone than anything. But I was pleasantly surprised at shimmy look Gone Fission gave off.

As you can see the color just pops with pink glitter. The best part is you can do this at home. Fuse Gelnamel combines the best of polish color + best of gel into an all-in-one formula you can use yourself. No more going to the salon and spending money to have fabulous gel nails. Fuse Gelnamel Starter kits bring the salon to you for a fraction of the price!

With 6 kits to choose from you get everything you need. Included is the Fuse Gelnamel color of your choice for the kit you choose, all the accessories, cleaning wipes, tools to push your cuticles, lint free wipes, double sided nail buffer and instruction. But the most important the high-powered Fuse LED lamp to help cure your nails in 30 seconds.

TIP: It’s extremely important to buff and cleanse the nail before using the polish. You can only Fuse one nail at a time and only apply a thin coat. Do not place your finger too far into the lamp, rest it in the groove directly under the bulb.ย 

Fuse Gelnamel comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The kit as I said has 6 colors but the colors don’t stop there. Once you buy your kit, just pick up your favorite enamel color to continue using your gel lamp to show off the beautiful color you want on your nails.

Visit Fuse Gelnamel today to order your kit. You can follow Fuse on Facebook for more looks, tips, and inspiration. Or showcase your nails using hashtag #fusegelnamel

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