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Did you know you can make your own t-shirts to wear? It was my girlfriend’s b-day and I wanted to make her something special, instead of just buying the usual gifts. I thought how about a tank top with a graphic I self-designed. So I turned to Avery of course because not only do they carry every type of label on the planet, but they have amazing ideas for DIY projects and crafts.

What You’ll Need:

  • Cotton t-shirt of some style plain black or white
  • Iron
  • Avery t-shirt transfers
  • Graphic Design of your choosing
  • Pillow Case
  • Board or Ironing Board
  • Printer
  • Avery Design & Print Software

Getting Started


The first thing you need to do is to open Avery Design & Print. Here is where you can manipulate and upload your logos to create the perfect design for your t-shirt. I found my graphics over at canstock. But you can find whatever graphic you want to use pretty much anywhere on the web. 


Print Your Design


One you have your design ready to go. Simply print the design. What I love about the Avery program is that it turns your design backwards automatically for you so you don’t have to, making it ready to use. 

Tip: Before you iron, lay a pillow case on your ironing board or wooden board and smooth the wrinkles out. Then add your t-shirt and iron it doing the same. 

Let’s Get Ironing

Put your iron on high (no steam)  and cut out your design. I didn’t do this but it makes it easier. Lay the design where you want it on the t-shirt and begin ironing. Starting at one corner iron and press down with firmness on the iron. go down one way and then back the other. It only takes around 5 minutes before the design is done.

Tip: Let the t-shirt cool before you peel off the transfer. If you don’t you might wreck the design by peeling it off when its too hot. 

Now Let’s Get Stretching

dscf0088Once you peel off the transfer. You’re done! Oh-no wait! Not quite. You must stretch the t-shirt horizontally and vertically. You will see the design cracking. This is quite normal. Stretching the logo ensures it stays in tact while not only wearing the shirt, but washing it as well. 



Make sure you wash the t-shirt inside out the first time. This prevents colors from bleeding together. Avery makes it easy to do print transfers for t-shirts. Simply log into their Design & Print website enter your product number or name and templates will pop up taking all the work out of it for you.



Avery has so many different printable options for you to choose from for your business or personal uses. I’m there all the time looking at new templates for birthday cards, posters, t-shirts, business logos, personal address labels and more. 


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