Fujifilm X-A2 Camera A Blogger’s Dream + Giveaway

For a blogger having a good camera is about as important as having a laptop or computer by your side. Blogging without images to describe things is as dull as toast.

I have always been a huge fan of photography, especially cameras from Fujifilm when they brought out the Instax 8 bringing me back to my Polaroid days. But my newest love now is Fujifilm X-A2 Mirrorless Camera with some infinite features that will surprise you.

Lover of DSLR cameras, I wanted to check out what this mirrorless camera could do in terms of quality photographs, low lighting, ISO levels and more.

So when Fujifilm North America invited me to review the X-A2 to see how it can improve my blogging experience, I was completely thrilled.

I’ve used the camera just a little over a week and a half now and can’t even begin to tell you all the amazing features which I feel would benefit you if you are looking for a new camera.

But I’m going to try.


The Fuji X-A2 feels great in my hands. It’s smaller than my DSLR camera, more lightweight and it even fits in my purse. Much better than some other entry-level cameras I’ve tried out. It only weighs in a 13.8 ounces and is a convenient size for anyone traveling or on the go. 

The X-A2 comes in a variety of colors. My favorite being the one I was sent a brown leatherette covering that reminds me of the old vintage retro style cameras, it also has that look and feel.

It also comes in black or white. A 16-50mm lens which is typical for an entry-level camera, lens hood which I was really happy about getting and a neck strap. It has a pop-up flash which is super easy to use and a place for an external flash which you can buy separately.  

I have really tiny hands, so the X-A2 feels great in my fingers. My hubby has big hands and he also found it comfortable to hold, point and shoot without issue.

There is a 3″ LCD high-resolution screen that tilts 175 degrees rotation. I was so stoked for this. It’s perfect for taking selfies or shooting videos on the go, and with face and eye detection and red-eye removal that works amazing, the screen actually focuses on one of your eyes to make sure you get a clear shot each and every time. 

Here is a selfie I snapped of myself at 8 am in the morning. My post on FB read: My son says I have angry hair, but I think my hair is talented to look this good!

The image is clear, the colors vibrant. Take a peek at my pillow behind me how blue it is. I was very satisfied using SR+ mode simply shooting for selfies quick and easy. I love you can see yourself on the screen. Most cameras don’t do this.

I will be honest with you, in the beginning, I missed having a viewfinder, but shortly after getting used to shooting, it was no big deal. The LCD screen on the X-A2 rotates and is quite easy to use.

You can shoot from different angles by simply tilting it to the position you want. However, it can be a bit hard to see when using outside in bright daylight which is where a viewfinder would be handy. Still, it doesn’t make or break the style and simplicity of this camera.

Photo of my soon to be sister-in-law and my new nephew. I love how the focus is on them with his cake blurred out. You can see the love between mother and son.


When it comes to using a camera out of the box, the Fuji X-A2 is perfect. It has an auto setting that is incredible, no need to touch anything. The camera detects the best resolution from over 50 different scene modes and snaps the perfect pic. Yet it has all the functions an expert user can use to manipulate or change to strengthen photo production to their liking. 

I took this shot using the Auto mode setting, I did nothing but clicked the shot straight out of the box. It was my first picture and it turned out amazing, color saturation is above par in my mind, and my fur-baby Oreo is looking at me like “Hey why are you taking my picture?” LOL. I’ve never gotten a better shot of him with any camera I’ve used. 

Another shot that is crisp and clean. Photo of my mother and nephew together. I love this photo how it’s not grainy at all. These are moments worth capturing. 

My brother and niece Addie
My mom and oldest son Jake.


The most impressive thing I love about the Fuji X-A2 is how my food shots turn out. As a blogger, I often share recipes and having a camera with macro is something important to any photographer, especially when doing an up close and personal shot of food. You want the right lighting, the right background, the right colors to capture the best shot possible. The X-A2 doesn’t disappoint. The closer I got to my object (macro) kicks in and focuses where you want it to. Brilliant! 

Roast beef dinner we ate just a few days ago. I love how it focuses on the mash potatoes. You can even see the pepper sprinkles, so crisp and clear up close and personal. The images I took look amazing for my blog. It’s something no cell phone can capture. 

Photo of my holiday tree 

The camera has many unique features. Color pop is an interesting feature. You can set it to blue or red or yellow and it will turn items in the photograph that shade focusing on them.

I took this shot in low light, no blur background of my mini trees and holiday houses. Sometimes the LCD can be a bit deceiving when hiding shadows of yourself. So be careful, but this shot turned out crisp and clear. 

This is one of the coolest shots. It was taken using the Toy Camera advanced feature. I love how retro everything looks. It’s like I’m back in 1970. I think it’s really neat you can simply change a function to make the photo quality what you want it to be. 

I love this photo, the background is blurred out and macro kicked in showing Harley’s every beautiful feature. He really is a handsome little pup isn’t he?

This is my favorite picture of the bunch. I love this shot of my husband. I used normal lighting as we sat in Tim Horton’s. I love the way the photo turned out capturing his side profile and all the little details. If you look close enough you can see a person’s soul in a photo. Looking at it made me wonder what he was thinking.  

There are so many advanced features, functions, and options for you to choose from with the Fuji X-A2. It’s a powerhouse camera packed into a smaller package, easy to use out of the box.

With action modes, nighttime settings, color pop, black and white, sepia, high ISO and many more features. This beautiful camera is a bloggers dream. 

captured my ice in my cup. Crystal clear. 


The Fuji X-A2 makes it easy for you to share your photos by downloading the simple app for either IOS or Android. The FN button on the top allows you to send your photos to your phone to easily upload, tweet or share. I used the app to share this Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest.

If you are on Instagram, check out the hashtags #MyFujiFilm or #FujiMoms and follow along to see what all the amazing photographers both expert, and amateur are doing with this amazing camera.

The Fuji X-A2 is by far my favorite camera to date. I love how my pictures are turning out. Don’t forget to please follow FUJIFILM on  Twitter, Facebook .and Instagram to keep up on all things camera magic! 

What is your favorite thing to take pictures of? 

Disclosure: I am a #Fujimom Brand Ambassador and receive certain perks and products to review and provide my honest opinion on such products. All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for reading!