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Disclosure: All opinions on this post are 100% my own. I may have received a product for the purpose of this review. 

I love taking photographs of everything around me, but especially capturing those moments that matter. Being that my hubs has a brain injury, photographs act as reminder of those special places, people and moments in time captured forever. 

fujifilm-624x353In order to take great photos though, a great camera is needed. Fuji’s Brand New FinePix XP-90 is just one camera of perfect choice for everyone from families to rock climbers. And here is why you’re going to love just how special it is.

Rugged & Ready For The Outdoors


The XP-90 is both durable and ready to rock the outdoors. Completely waterproof, this camera is amazing to take on family outings, rock climbing, traveling to any destination because sand, dust and other elements won’t matter. In fact it’s even capable of operating at minus 10 degrees of chilling cold. But it’s the water-proof aspect that impresses me most. So how waterproof is it really?


Water Test of the FinePix XP-90

The camera worked awesome under water. It was completely submerged. I kept it underwater and it still functioned as expected even days later. As a parent it’s cool I can actually go into the lake and take photos of the boys swimming and splashing and not worry about my cellphone getting wet. This camera takes great shots, too.


Shots Taken Underwater




I took these shots under water using the camera while filming the video. Impressive right? I couldn’t get over the clarity of the photographs which goes beyond anything my cell phone can do. The flash added a contrast you can actually see water bubbles on the tires of the cars floating around. And the up close shots I took are probably some of the best I’ve seen up close underwater.


Ease Of Use

The Finepix XP90 is one of the easiest cameras I’ve ever used. No rocket science here, but it comes with built-in options you can play with to your heart’s content.


Here is a shot I took just using the basic auto functions for the camera. The camera automatically adjusts the lighting, exposure, aperture and ISO features. So if you aren’t a camera guru, this is perfect because it makes the XP90 a great point and shoot when you need it to be.



Options Galore

There are over 22 different shooting modes with the Finepix XP90 accessed via the Menu button, along with a programmable auto mode to set sensitivity options, white balance, auto focus, tracking and more. 

shot using higher iso feature, daylight, no flash, auto

There is multi-shot HDR, sweep panorama mode and three night scene options. Plus underwater Macro modes to remove casting while shooting beneath the surface. The Wi-Fi button acts as a double button allowing for burst shot. And you can download the Fuji Camera Remote app for iOS and Android allowing you to switch things up between stills and video shooting.


my silk flowers up close.


Up Close & Personal

Macro mode with focus on the bark mulch and back rock with some blur used for the surroundings. The clarity is amazing!

Speaking of up close and personal. The Macro mode on this camera is amazing! I took 3 shots of my silk flowers, each one closer and closer. The last one I was nearly touching the flowers and I couldn’t believe the clarity I was able to get while shooting.


up close




even closer

This makes the camera great for taking those food shots, personal shots or flower shots where you wish to display the finer details of things. The quality on the back of the screen looked great but it was nothing compared to seeing the simple JPG on my computer. Man my silk flowers are super dusty – LOL. 


Perfect Anytime.

The XP90 really is perfect anytime. Here are some shots I took of my pup Harley while outside. I love how I was able to focus in on him with the background blurred out, making him my main focal point. 





We Recommend

From the wide-angle screen to panorama, adjustable environment brightness to macro to quality shooting scenes. The Fuji Finepix XP90 is a camera that is not only affordable, easy to use but one worth getting if you care about quality photos, durability and weather in mind. It gets our tech seal of approval. 



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