Why I Hate Back To School

Back to school is almost here. Summer is gone and soon it’s back to reality for both parents and kids as we get into a routine. I’m usually happy when my boys go back to school. It gives me more time for blogging. Not to mention alone time with hubby.

However going back to school does have its drawbacks. Here a few things I don’t like about the kids going back to school and what I have in my arsenal to deal with it. 


Ahhhh it happens. You catch up and then you find yourself under a huge pile of clothes. Now it’s gym stuff, uniforms, boys stinky socks, hockey jerseys, ballet leotards, and you know it’s your job to take care of these clothing items as they were expensive to buy. The most important step for me as a mom is keeping the stains away

Aches & Pains

I don’t look forward to back to school because of the aches & pains that come along with it. I have one son with cerebral palsy suffering from chronic hip and joint pain, and a teenager graduating with a blown knee suffering daily. Neither like taking pills. So for the younger ones, I use a special rub ointment to help cool down their muscles and stop the aches and pains

Brushing Teeth

Ohhhhh I hate this. I really do. It doesn’t matter how many cavities I show the boys I have, neither of them like brushing. I just picked-up and Arm & Hammer Spiderman Spinbrush for kids that’s battery operated for Trace. He loves it as it’s designed for him. I’m praying this leads to better oral care as the school year begins. 

I need an arsenal as a mom to get ready for back to school. Lunches, getting clothes ready, bedtime battles are just a few more reasons I’m not looking forward to kids leaving me. But if I had to admit my number one reason I hate back to school. It would be because I miss them. What can I say? I’m a mom!

What are you NOT looking forward to in going back to school?

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