5 tips to help you lose weight Eating Subway

I have partnered with Subway’s Initiative: ‘Being Your Best’ to bring you this information. All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for reading.

One thing I’ve thought about lately is Subway.  I know you’re like — huh?  You’re thinking about Subs?  But it’s true.  I’m a huge Biggest Loser watcher, and I’m loving this new season.  

On the Biggest Loser they talk a lot about Subway and low carbs, tons of veggies, and how Subway has helped millions lose weight by making healthy choices.

Subway tastes great and has plans to help people lose weight without sacrificing taste, which is something I love.  I also love how the Nutritionist talks about rewarding yourself.  

It’s important to think of every day as Monday.  Meaning if you mess up your diet, then the next day you start again.

Another thing I never looked at before was treating your body like an athlete.  Your body needs fuel, to exercise and burn calories.  So how we fuel our bodies is important.

One thing I know I need to change is how I eat.  I prefer Subway over some other kind of fast food, mainly because the choices are mine which is fantastic, what I choose to put on my sub and eat.  There are tons of tips online about how to get started on the road to better success.

1.  Drink plenty of water:

If you get up during the morning and down one glass of water (not ice-cold) this helps to wake up your metabolism.  Ice cold water actually does more harm than good, so just drinking water that is cold from the fridge is great or even water that’s room temperature.  Either way your body needs tons of water during the day to keep you hydrated, especially if you are working out.

2. Don’t eat after seven pm at night:

This is a big one for me. I mean in the world of kids, jobs, bills, housework and everything I do.  I tend to get hungry later on.  But there are consequences.  Eating a meal at bedtime leaves heavy foods within your body that have a harder time breaking down while you sleep, actually interrupting your sleep which doesn’t help.

3. Get at least eight hours of sleep per night:

For women especially, it’s important to get enough sleep.  Getting eight hours of restful sleep per night can actually help you lose weight.  When we are asleep, our body is burning fat.  Hard to believe but true.  The less sleep we get, the harder it is for the body to continue losing weight and instead stores what we aren’t using.

4. Portion Control & Healthy Choices Mean Everything:

It’s not always what you eat but how much of it you consume that can keep you from losing the pounds.  When I lost all my weight before having my second child, one thing I did was size-down my portions of food.  

You should also make sure you have a balance in your portions.  That means a portion of protein, vegetables, healthy fats, dairy — everything.  Too much of one and not enough of the other can tip you off balance and bring your weight loss to a standstill.

5. You Don’t Need a Gym To Get Healthy:

This is one that seems to surprise people.  So many times people will say … ‘I know I need to just get to the gym but don’t have time’.  You don’t need a gym to get healthy.  

There are tons of great exercises you can do at home.  Walking, lifting soup cans (as weights), burpees, lunges and more.  Heck, run up and down the stairs fifty times a day.  You’ll start to notice a difference when you move around.  Best of all — it’s free!

Losing weight, getting fit and healthy isn’t easy.  It takes hard work and determination.  Two things I’m still working on.  I need to drink more water.  I definitely need to exercise more, less computer time and more walking.  

I need to watch not only what I’m eating but how much and when. And I need to remind myself to love my body.  My body is a machine and although now I resemble a broken down pinto with flat tires.  Tomorrow I could be a Lamborghini leaving tread on the tracks to success!

What’s your favorite Sub to eat at Subway?

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