With the holidays buzzing and everyone shopping, we don’t often stop to think about stocking stuffers until the last minute. Gosh, what to buy? It’s always my question each year on what to get family and friends that little something to add to their Santa stocking. 

Nylons for her. Some small tools for him. Even socks and underwear make it on to Santa’s stocking list. But what about something that could be really helpful for the ones you love? What about something that could help save their life? 

We all know that the kitchen is where most house fires start. Being the mom of one anxious teenager learning how to cook, I want to make sure safety is my son’s number one concern. That means having a fire extinguisher he can use that is both simple and effective like the First Alert Fire Spray. 

First Alert is the most trusted brand in home safety since 1969. From fire safety monitors to carbon monoxide readers, First Alert has created products for our home that bring peace of mind and safety to the forefront for every homeowner. The First Alert Fire Spray is one such product. 

4 times greater discharge than most extinguishers which can be difficult and heavy to hold and use, the First Alert Fire Spray makes putting out any fire easy to do. Here are a few things I like about this simple to use fire spray.

  • Lightweight and easy to hold and use
  • powerful enough to put out even big flames
  • Easy cleanup with just the wipe of a cloth and biodegradable
  • It can be used on such things as paper, grease, fabric, wood and even electric fires.

Most kitchen fires start from cooking that is left unattended, which is why in my son’s stocking he’s getting an First Alert Fire Spray. Fires can start so easily. So give the gift of safety this holiday season. 

10 Holiday Fire Safety Tips

  1. Keep your First Alert Fire Spray or fire extinguisher close at hand. 
  2. Remember to change the batteries on all smoke detectors
  3. Make sure your oven is always kept clean and free from grease and debris
  4. Check the dates on all your fire safety products
  5. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working. 
  6. Don’t leave wrapped presents close to any heat source. 
  7. Don’t leave fireplaces turned on when you leave the house
  8. Remove all plugin fragrance creators from outlets when you go out. 
  9. Do not pour water on a grease fire it’s dangerous 
  10. Keep your real Christmas trees watered at all times to keep from getting dry.

Staying safe over the holidays means following a few easy steps, and having a fire extinguisher at hand is also extremely important because you never know what could happen. So stay safe during the holidays, be prepared, mark your checklists and check them twice.

From our family to yours,


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